Changes to BnS

I know doesn’t screw with Build and Shoot’s forums that much, but it would be nice to see some input in this.

“But Kuunkuun, we aren’t BnS so why should we care?”

The BnS community directly affects aloha, because most people use the BnS server list to connect, which has links all around to their forums which are shitty as hell. If BnS dies, will die, too. Maybe not at the same time, but it will not survive without it’s partner community – hell, izzy runs both communities, so that right there means they’re interconnected in a way.

Lincent made a good post:

I can’t agree with it anymore. What if someone [izzy or another Big Kahuna] tries to negotiate with admins on the BnS forum to try to transfer ownership to over there? It’s really dead over there and it’s a shame. If there was an active staff, there could be events and other things which could help make the entire AoS community more alive again.

It would be nice if the admins could consider this, because I’m sure people still care about the game // the Build and Shoot community, which is really suffering right now. Even the trolls and shitposters are acting serious in that thread [Lincent & zeka], so you know that they care about the game, too. If staff was transferred over to BnS, it may make management harder, but it would still be for the better.



Sounds like a plan.

Idk, where you got the idea that people like Zeka care about the community. “we’re not trying to help, we want this dead” - Zeka

Only Lecom, Dare, and you yourself posted something actually useful to the discussion.

In terms of new ownership… You need to realize it still needs something. New updates would revive it, but without that then new gamemodes and maps might help. Maybe a TTT gamemode? Something that the chatters from Babel would like and the CS arena players would like? Also, we could try to embrace the new clients that come out better like Iceball.

That is a good reason why I don’t like the BnS forums. People like zeka don’t want to fix the place up and prefer making cancer there. :frowning:
I agree with torch that it doesn’t just need new ownership, but it also needs more. New gamemodes, maps etc. Maybe getting a bunch of BnS servers up? Why would we do that? Here’s why:
Why do you think aloha has more people visiting it than of BnS? It’s because we have our community name right on that server name, “” and advertising people to join the forum. Does BnS have that? No. Most people who play aos don’t even touch the community or even know about it. They just head to either the serverlist or the downloads section. If we were to add in a bunch of BnS servers, people would actually know about those servers. Also, we need to do something about people scaring newbies away. I haven’t joined the bns community myself, but, as from watching from the sidelines, I noticed how unwelcoming they are to newbies. It honestly sucks. Remember when they added in new guidelines and rules? Yeah, please enforce that. Zeka, LeCom, Gen, or whomever are scaring those people away. I’m not saying that those people are evil, but if you want the BnS community to die, LEAVE IT BE! Just go and let the people who care about it fix it up. We don’t need you scaring away newbies or discouraging people to participate. Please, take your cancer somewhere else.

It’s good that you put attention to this, Kuunikal. I didn’t know about BnS’ current state of decay until you guided me through that post and this is CRITICAL to be fixed.

Well I would argue the main reason why people play on Aloha servers is because there is actually some sort of administration that takes care of hackers and such. When you go on random servers and it’s filled with hackers it gets annoying and you don’t want to play. Usually there’s not more than 3 hackers on an Aloha server and they usually get dealt with within 6 hours if they stay on for any period of time anyways.

I’ve already wrote this on Bns, but ill write it here too. Bns had a community with many active members and that was until Danhezee was managing the website. There were a lot of events like leagues, modding competitions, newsletters and more. There was an event happening every month. Bns even hosted some events like arena tournament so they had available servers for Aos but for some reason they werent using them 24/7 for casual play… only when there was an event.

If Bns would still have active admins in the management, the website would still have many more people and the toxic people wouldn’t be getting all the attention.

Buildandshoot is already known among a lot of players and what I really like about Bns, that they have a large modding sections which offers many weapons mods from various contributors, scripts and maps for aos available to download for anyone…

It’s a bit shame that when Dan left… nobody else from the former Bns staff stepped up to take charge of the website.
There is still a chance that if the admins would be managing the website, people would be interested in following the community. I think izzy could tell us what’s his opinion about all of this… can we bring new people to manage the website?

+1 to torch.
Idk, yes management is critical, but that won’t help get the community popular. We need more

Yes, true. But if we had active management on BnS, there could be more leagues and events like it used to be. If you haven’t seen it already, when Stack posted this newsletter, somehow a huge mass of old players came back (I still am unsure how they managed to find it). If there was another league match, event, or community (Minit, for example) that spawned, then I have a feeling a large amount of people would participate. (Think of it like the May FSOM; it was one of the fullest FSOMs that has ever hosted, probably because it was a comeback from the months before which didn’t have one).

About the shitposters and zeka – he does care about the game. zeka is just the kind of person who likes to shitpost, mope, and complain about the game being dead, but I’ve talked to him personally, and I just know he still cares, at least a little bit. Why else would he continually shitpost; wouldn’t he have something better to do than visit a dying community’s forums? “shitposting is fun” you may say, and you may have a valid point there. But I personally think zeka cares, along with the other shitposters of BnS.

Point is, most people on the BnS forums don’t want the game to die (even greasemonkey [marikiri] still is active on the forums) and still lurk occasionally. If an old player were to look at the forums if it had a new management in a few months from now and see a bunch of events and new servers, I’m sure they would get back into the community.

Forgive me if I’m being naive as this is likely not possible, but imo the best case solution is to streamline everything by allowing BnS to merge with Archive the BnS forum and move it to aloha’s forum, move all BnS accounts to aloha etc. Have the BnS URL redirect to a master server list hosted on

This eliminates new player confusion as to which community is worthwhile in participating in, gives us one central platform to organise large events, and active management.

As easy as it sounds, many people would hate that. And doesn’t run all of the servers, so other server owners might become upset that is the portal to all of the other servers, because it would be heavily biased.

I understand that when BnS had an event they would host their own server from their master list. Did the other server owners complain about that? It’s not like it’d be AoS Stats, it would be the exact same list that’s on BnS now, just with’s banner/links on the top, instead of BnS’s. I don’t see how that’d be “heavily biased”.

Yes, that’s the point of having active management.

Like I said before, this is likely not possible, but still a good ideal direction to work towards.

Uh sure and the Nazis secretly cared about the British as they bombed their entire country to oblivion in WWII. Oh, and the Japanese at Pearl Harbor? That was just love taps. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry Kunypoo, but you’ve went off the deep end on this one. They don’t troll because they care; they troll because they are lowlifes with psychological issues and hurts they have amassed over the years and they satisfy and feed these by bullying and attacking others. Any sort of “secret cares” they might show is because they have grown accustomed to this playground to bully on and if it actually does die then they’ll have to find a new playground to bully people on or have to face their personal problems/issues/anxieties/hurts themselves. The worst thing that can happen to you when you’re a bully is for your victim to leave because that puts you in a room by yourself with a mirror. Just look at what happened with all the bullies that attacked poor AceDaKing. People STILL bully him by joining servers with his name and saying “I’m acedaking and im a hekr and immature”. Those who may have gotten over Ace have found a new victim or have actually saw the error in their ways, because they realized it was they themselves that was the issue not poor Ace who was just trying to play a game to have fun. :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Yeah, I kinda reread what I said there and reformed my opinion about zeka. He’s probably in it because he’s a jerk, and that’s it.

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This is hidden because it’s off topic, and is speaking about a taboo in the community.

A͕͚ͫc̥̲̻̿ͅe̗̰̮̜̘̳͖ͦ ̝͓̮ͥ̃d̻̝͎̭͚͇̏̚͡aͪ͑̅̔̿ͪ͊ ̢̞̻̙͕̪̲̒̃ͣ̓̀͐̍ͅk̉î̡̮̰̺̖͇̭͚̓̿ṋ͇͓̦̰̱ͪ̿ͨ́̇ͩͅg̘ͮ had his own problems, and I really just want to forget about him. I really hope you’re joking because he did so much more wrong than us in the community.

Then again, I think you went a bit too deep by saying all of that stuff about zeka having personal problems. I think he just gets a kick out of shitting on the community. I still think he cares at least the slightest bit about the game still, however. I understand what you mean about them just spreading their own problems to other people, though.

Thinking about it more, I’m starting to really agree with what LowObservable said, about merging the two communities. Low, maybe you could elaborate more on how that could successfully happen?

Why would you want to forget about Ace? :’( :’( He was a great member of the community that was just misunderstood and then bullied to the point where he was peer-pressured into lashing back. Sure he did do some wrong, but so have the rest of us. Even the admins abuse their powers from time to time and overstep.

Also, no. No one only just gets “kicks” out of bullying others. They might seem like it to others or even think that themselves, but there’s always an underlying reason. People are very predictable creatures. There’s a reason why a lot of rapists were raped themselves previous to their act. There’s something about humans getting hurt or scarred that makes them want to scar others, especially if they don’t learn to forgive and move on. Zeka may have a front up about “not really caring” and just wanting the “community to die”, but there’s a rhyme to the reason. I can’t say with accuracy what it is, but it’s very likely to be one of these or something similar: it could be that he was bullied himself, feels like he’s not living up to expectations of another or others, has an inferiority complex that he can disprove by bullying others into submission, or possibly that he is displeased with himself and where he is in life and gets it out by attacking others. Unless of course he’s a sociopath, then none of these apply for obvious reasons, but I highly doubt that due to what I’ve observed of him over the years. It’s most likely that he’s just hurt and misunderstood just like poor Ace.

if we’re bullying ace da king in these walls of text i want it to stop!!

The real reason why BNS/AOS is dying is this. It's these types of bullies and toxic members of our community that are dragging us into the mud. The best thing they can do for the community is to leave if they can't be nice! v_v

I agree. Go away from aos

How am I not nice? I’m the fountain of benevolence itself! :slight_smile:

I agree that you are not nice

So vapid