Cats or Dogs?

I currently have this bundle of joy just chillin’ on me.

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I personally prefer cats, what do you guys think? Vote on the poll and give reasons if you have any :smiley:

If you choose dogs I hate you.

I love em both! My kitty monster…you all know where my nick is from.

Cats, of course, they are fluffy and stuff.

Cats are awesome! :slight_smile: Here’s one of my two:

My Cat

Hm I think Dogs for me. Here is my puppy Lucky.

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Both because you can play with dogs and do stuff during the day but at night you can just cuddle with your cat.

BTW adorable dog Tae :smiley:

Here is the Monsta!

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It doesn’t look so monster-ish with that tie around its neck, lol

Anyway, I personally like cats more than dogs. I can’t say the same for my family though, so I have an annoying dog. >.>

Always cats

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cats of course

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i miss u ^

most of my family is allergic to cats so it has to be dogs.


Mah katz

The first picture is my cat, the second is my sister’s. :3

Also, sorry they’re so big. It’s because you can’t sqeeze in their AWESOMENESS!!! :smiley:


If you say dogs I will shove cat shit into your chocolate ice cream.

Dogs ftw. Mostly because cat’s will go to ANYONE who feeds them. Fact. Dogs are loyal companions and they’re just the fucking best.

Also Chappy, picture 3, that cat photobombing just lol. And Bearandcat, good job I hate chocolate Ice Cream.

Consider yourself lucky, i am allergic to cats and i am not allowed to have a dog. :l

what happened to it :frowning: