¿ Can i kill with...?

yes… with a block , i see people killing with blocks , is that posible?


wtf how do you kill someone with a block?

If you kill someone with a grenade, and then switch to a block, it registers as a block kill. There are other ways too that I’m sure I’m missing.

Thats awesome im finna start doing that lmao

You can also kill yourself with a block, If you either fall in water with water damage or you fall of a big edge and you swtich to a block you can die by block lol

but i see someone killing from behind with block D:

You can box someone in and force them to suicide. If a player is boxed in, it would appear to them as if that they are having a severe lag issue. It’s hard to explain. Try it.

… the guy kill someone with a block in the arena server :l

This one time i shot and then quickly switched into the block, when it hit a headshot it registred it as a block kill because i switched before the bullet hit the guy

Sometimes it’s just a bug, you are killing with spade (or any other weapon), and it said “Killed with bloc”

A bloc is not a weapon, and you can’t kill with it, it’s just a bug