Camper LOL

  1. I was banned for cheats, I wait about 2 years thought it was prank :wink:

  2. My old nickname is a sniper but the new Camper Lol

  3. tower of bable

  4. Banned for cheats, somewhere 2018-2019. During these years, I played with a cheat called ESP. But I pumped my skill in the game and am ready to pass the test for cheats and get 2 chances

  5. It’s just that I’m sad to watch other players play on your servers, that they gave me a ban in suspicion of cheating

  6. I don’t remember exactly, but somewhere in the 2018-2019 winter years before the ban.

Hi Muser KEk!

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for being straightforward and admitting that you hacked. You’re free to play, but please keep in mind that you most likely won’t get another chance if you hack again.

Let me know if you have any issues rejoining the servers. Have fun and play fair!