C4ND13R banned for aim hacks

  1. Banned from server for about 1year

  2. IGN: C4ND13R

  3. css maps aloha.pk

  4. I was banned for using an aimbot

  5. I should be unbanned, because I just reinstalled the game, and have become a HUGE counterstrike fan, also I have matured through hacking ways and wish to be granted another chance.

-Thank you

  1. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

The admin who banned you hasn’t been on the fourm for a few months but he from what I’ve been told has been seen ingame. Ill try and contact him next time I see him, just sit tight please.

I am sorry for this taking so long. You are free to play. Do not hack again, this is your last chance.