Bye maybe :(

Guys Monstarules torments me to much i am 50% leaving also cuz U are all by standers >:(
MANY of you are just watching him like Yay he’s awesome and he made friends Who ARE RACIST TO ME and says I hack when I told him I dont and proved I dont he made my reputation the worst So f*** him IDC what I call him now cuz U R all just just… Idiotic now many of you are so stupid in your damn heads like so coo coo and mental that you don’t put you in my shoes get that saying? So now I have a few friends even my Best friend in AoS thinks I am Dick stain now monstarules said I built those structure nope his friend did I briefed because they did I understand what I did was wrong what they did was really worse and he said “my friend said that not me!” well he lied all of you just don’t care look well lets see how many people are in aloha that are against me lets see ummmm more then 30 and you know what I kept it saying " I am right I know it" I’m not letting my self down though only one guy Bobmcbobington is supporting me. What damn s*** if you guys were me you would suicide beleive me m life is the worst just cuz I’m young henper knows how I feel I told him before cuz I trust him unlike many of U guys! Ask him don’t talk to me i am to mad at many of you and try to control it. Thank you for reading this good day! By standers (good day sarcastic to all U annoyers)

Cewl. Now GTFO.

And you know I’m serious when i come here after quitting just to post this.

PS: I’m still dead for ever. I’m posting this to get 69 posts.

I never liked Monstarules either.
bye ace will miss u :,(

All I did was ignore him on the irc. And henper can tell you I tried to get you unbanned before the phantom servers were shut down

-.-. .- -. / -.-- … …- / -… . .-… … . …- . / - … … … / -.-. .-. .- -…

can someone translate this for me

ace the king :’(

Liar U always bug me I an tired of you!

Last time I checked I’m the only person part of springs fan club so no one else other than us and sniper have the right to be jags. Good bye ace and good luck on future endeavors.

If you think I’m lieing look at my face.

Also don’t make me translate that Morse code monsta.

Bob I will try to stay longer but it’s really hard >:( dw I will be on IRC #[A.S.]Astra with u.

yea he tried to unban you ace he even made a poll for it :confused:

Still he bugged me and keeps doing it bothers me too!!! I’m tiered. >:(

-.-. .- -. / -.-- … …- / -… . .-… … . …- . / - … … … / -.-. .-. .- -… (Can you believe this crap)
And ignoring you to prevent problems =/= bothering

I make problems what the f*** is wrong with you your the problem you are wrong liar just quit it!!! :-\

Please ignore this thread to prevent further problems caused by Ace.

When did everyone hop thus band Wagon wow the stupid amount here went into the red. Everyone is to blame and no one is blameless. End of thread have a nice day.

Scipio NO! :-[ It is NOT over until falseness is over and the communitie (AoS) Is RIDP RESTING IN DAMN PEACE so JUST I TOLD The truth! AND belive the guy who thinks 0% IS HACKING ACCURACY AND A 3 KILL STREAK!

Your grammar is burning my eyes off.

You have no eyes lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Here have mine.

You are my hero, Scipio. Just like you were a hero to Romans during the First Punic War. <3

Oh my goodness… Man my grammar was horrifiying back then 0.o. @Scipio I need an eye give me one please :frowning: