Bye for now :c

I’m not going to be that active for a month or a year. In May I’m having EQAO Evil questions attacking Ontario. Just joking, means something like educational blah blah blah. I had a good time with you guys :@. I realized I should stop using the computer and wasting my free time when I could use it on studying. I’ll hop on IRC when I can, but a bit (for now). And hop on forums too.
I’m having a lot of tests and exams.
Wish me luck!
Later, Acetheking!

Sad to see you go. I truly mean it, not what others might think as he is just saying that to be nice but over the few months I’ve gotten to know you I can definitely see potential you in. Farewell for now.

Good luck with that! I barely study and I still somehow barely pass my tests, so you should be fine.
Also, believe in the heart of the cats!

Later 'dile.

Have fun ace, see you soon!

Even though I hated hate you, I must admit that I have grown to like you a bit at the same time as I hate you. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I guess I am just trying to say I’ll miss you and our arguments without admitting so. Good luck on your studies and future endeavors.

Bye bye ace

No!!! Ace come back!

Thank you all. I had two tests so far and I got a 17/20 on one, other 23.5/25.

If you need help with math I can tutor you how to understand basic “twice two” logic.

Nah, it’s ok. Mathatica Curicula or w/e it’s called is so hard :c