BuildCon Competition - Vote Now!

Time to vote for your favorite sector!




There were 5 submissions for the Best Sector Competition on BuildCon II. Each person gets 2 votes, use them wisely!

Included are pictures below with a blown up mini-map in the upper right corner (in order of submission, and matching the poll order above). The pictures don’t quite do it justice, though, so join the Build Server (status page here) and look around. I had to take 2 pictures of 2 of the submissions, as I couldn’t capture the full detail in one image.

Submissions Images

H7/H8 Dragon & Pokemon

E6 StarCraft Terran Logo

G1/H1 Forest Landscape and towers



A5 Grounded Ship



A8 Spiral

There are lots of things in there with working doors, buttons, etc, and lots of other stuff that was never submitted, so check it out.

This poll goes for 3 days (Saturday) upon which the winner will get to choose their choice of a banner to put in their signature (we couldn’t decide on one, so it’s up to the winner).

Award Banners

Good luck to our competitors!

Wow! I love the fog effect you used for Sup and my place! that is really really mind blowing to me.

We need an arena map like G1 and H1.

Superman and I wouldn’t mind building it… since our map is on hold for awhile.

I mean, I think that lots of arena players would welcome new maps like the ones that you made on G1 and H1.

I took all the images using OpenSpades, so it all looks a little better.

I still loved that area even though I was just using the AoS client.

Anonymous, Superman and i made that area…
We wouldn’t mind trying to make a small arena map just like G1 and H1.

I never even tried to take credit for your area lmao. And please make a map.

I think he meant: Anonymous: Superman and i made that area

I think the ellipsis meant that he thought Anonymous was trying to steal the credit for making it

Nono, his tone sounds like as if he is accusing me of trying to take credit… Whatever.

We probably are not making anything on the Aloha server , but we might try this type of landscape arena thing on our server when all the issues are resolved.
Check it out i would say!

Oh I’m sorry if I confused you all, I was just saying that Super and I made that area… I wasn’t accusing anyone of anything, and their is a map being made… just on hold because there’s some technical difficulties atm.

So far, there’s three different areas and designs being put out on the map… it just might take some extra time because we want it perfectly the way we want it…

Wow I almost forgot about this.

SemiColonD, Supah, you both can put the award banner of your choice in your signature. Just click Quote on my original post, find the image down at the bottom you want, and then add it to your signature.


I like G3 and h5 cause the game looks nice my g3 is being worked on please can you wait for the vote i need another week.

this ended 4 months ago

Just saw this thread 2 late :-\