Build a pyramid!

Well I have an idea.

Lets build a pyramid doing the following steps:

1-Post a word or a set of words that building a stair
(for example:

[details=Click for details]


im the best
guy in the world

2-Quote the reply above you.
3-the one who has the biggest and better built pyramid, will win the game.
EDIT: just quote the reply above you and have fun xD

Did you understand? xD maybe its take a lot of replies

Ok i’ll start:(quote just the word below)


there, my name is



hi kitty




Well then.


wowowowow calm bro calm

subliminal messages

I saw the opportunity and I took it

What an opportunist.


Click for details

Through the extent of my observation, this isn’t a very good pyramid. Let me assist you few.

Your reign of cute cat pictures must come to an end, Torch! There is only one master of cat gifs and that’s me. As protector of my realm I must defend myself against you.


Alas, the coup has begun! Woe is me, the banished kitten, sentenced to death by being shoveled off a cliff like some sort of refuse. However, I am quick at my paws and caught the ledge and I shall not let go my dearest of enemies! I will hold on till the last kitten gif has been giffed!!!

Don’t we’ve already a thread like this?

Certainly not. Just carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

A kitten battle??? But kittens shouldn’t battle! You must unite and live in peace! All kittens of cuteness must join!!!

Darn it, Glass, you blew it. :frowning:

-insert completely useless and obnoxious yet typical spam from Sarim-