Brilliant US Senator Disproves Global Warming

This guy is one of the most powerful people in the United States



When he threw it at da Prez:

Global warming isn’t a thing. Climate change is. (:
looks at china When you have to put the sunrise on TV you probably are having pollution issues. But, I’m not ignorant I know they aren’t the only ones polluting the world. The US as well as other countries do a large portion as well. China just catches flak, because they are in the lead.
Lesson to learn: Stop pumping greenhouse gases into the air and embrace alternative energy.

Global warming is one of the most real crises facing our world.

how is it a crisis if he has a snowball
eddy obviously hasn’t passed 23rd grade

Look up global warming. Then look up climate change. Climate change is real. Global warming is not. Unless you were being facetious… which… I don’t even know…

China is just the production slave for the rest of the world. ): Not their fault that these other punks are encouraging China’s mass pollution via trade agreements. If it wasn’t China, it’d be somewhere else.

I know. I added in the stipulation because I knew you’d be upset lol. The problem is everyone and their governments are not taking it seriously. Right now only some scientific communities and the sparse “ecologically friendly” people seem to care. A lot of people have the mindset “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” and won’t bother with change until it’s absolutely necessary. (When we have to carry around oxygen tanks) and by then usually it’s too late…