BOOM ban appeal

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?..I DID

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well. BOOM

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on servers. Inflitration

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf. I was banned because of griefing. I know greifing is wrong, but ALPH and someone else kept trying to votekick me. I got tired of it and retaliated by destroying their base

  5. Why should you be unbanned? I NEVER! do anything bad. I am fair and don’t hack, cheat or anything else like that

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please. 2-10-13. Time around 7:00 its 8:39 right now

I banned you for being a bit of a pest. I received multiple reports that you were griefing, placing blocks over peoples heads, and starting false votekicks. Here’s a log:

11:33 * BOOM started a votekick against player X. Reason: aimbot 13:32 * BOOM started a votekick against player \o/. Reason: AIMBOT BITCH 15:27 * BOOM started a votekick against player OFFICER JARROD. Reason: ABUSIVE PM MESSAGES ALL /Y 17:20 * BOOM started a votekick against player Cpt.Frankie. Reason: FALSE VOTEKICK BITCH 19:03 * BOOM started a votekick against player Alph. Reason: false votekick and tunnel griefer 19:08 * BOOM started a votekick against player Alph. Reason: DICK ASS BITCH MOTHERFUCK! 20:15 * BOOM started a votekick against player Sir Metaknight8. Reason: FOR KICKING ME FOR NOT FUCKING REASON! 20:47 * BOOM started a votekick against player Alph. Reason: blocking me in 20:52 * BOOM started a votekick against player Sir Metaknight8. Reason: HAHAHA BITCH 20:58 * BOOM started a votekick against player Alph. Reason: tk

And another:

5:51 < _Blank_> hey, if you have time can you tell this guy boom to stfu in infil.? 5:51 < _Blank_> he is greifing and teamkillinbg 5:51 < _Blank_> *teamkilling 5:51 < _Blank_> as he always does... 5:58 < _Blank_> he has been block placing and tking 5:59 < _Blank_> and votekick abusing


15:31 * Votekick for BOOM has ended. Player kicked 15:31 * BOOM banned for 30 minutes: Not being nice :3 19:12 * Votekick for BOOM has ended. Player kicked 19:12 * BOOM banned for 30 minutes: Griefing 20:34 (TO ADMINS) BOOM griefing, insulting and teamkilling 20:50 (TO ADMINS) ban BOOM for griefer 20:53 (TO ADMINS) please ban BOOM i beg you 20:59 (TO ADMINS) <_Blank_> can someone discipline BOOM in infil?

I also see you’ve been banned in the past, for spamming.

I banned you for two weeks. Sit it out and don’t misbehave when you return.

Honestly, this little kid should never be unbanned.
Tried to votekick me on arena withing the first 10 seconds he joined cause i killed him and his teammate.
When it timed out I votekicked him -_-


you were put up for votekick for being annoying and griefing… you can’t be banned for justified votekicks

Wow. All of you are taking points from them not ME!. How ABOUT YOU DO THAT FOR ONCE!

from your point of view you think its funny to make random votekicks and destroy things people have spent their time creating for your amusement…

every time you waste a votekick you’re enhibiting others with an actual reason to votekick…

every time you destroy somebody’s work, you’re wasting somebody’s time…

you think this is funny, but for a lot of people this is frustrating and annoying, this it why you were but up for votekick and banned…

Try looking at it from their point of view…

some dumbass kid wasting my time…

abusing the system and inhibiting others from playing the game that they want…

have fun with your wasted life

The logs are clear, you were/are a fucking nuisance, kid. Why would we want to take your advice/points when we can all read for ourselves and make a judgement based on what’s been posted?

If you do get a chance and get unbanned then maybe you should think strongly about not abusing other players or the votekick system. It’s up to BR, who banned you. He may be lenient with some submission of guilt and showing some genuine regret. Personally I don’t think you have in you given how you’ve responded thus far.

Aight, whoa, I think we’re ganging up on this appeal a tad bit too fast.

Very well, jacob12635, I will go and investigate the logs.
If I find that you were telling the truth and they have been spamming votekicks, I’ll let you off scotfree (just don’t do this next time, and report them for spamming instead).
If I find that you were lying, I will permanently ban you.

Fair deal?

What do you mean by telling the truth Reki? Because he was, they were spamming votekicks and griefing and doing all sorts of crap too. But he was going it too. So in a way, he was both telling the truth and lying at the same time.

I think the 2 week ban is sufficient.

After examination of the logs, I’ve determined that you were somewhat telling the truth. As always, the spammed kicks, but the kicks at first had a valid reason behind them (griefing), but said reason wasn’t getting through. I’ve witnessed this happen many times, and what happens is the votekick reasons and attempts get more and more desperate/terrible, to the point where it looks like pointless spamming.

However, the part about you placing blocks on people’s heads is a big no-no. That has nothing to do with spamming votekicks at all. In light of this, I agree with previous posters that your ban should stay as it is.

Thanks Reki for understanding the “gangupness” on me. Two questions. 1) am i still banned? 2) if so how long?

Oh. Ok Thanks

It’s probably a 2-week ban, I’d say for a combination of blocking people’s heads in and abusing votekicks.
Next time you catch them doing something dumb like abusing votekicks, once again, take a screenshot or something and report them.

will this 2 week ban apply even thought the servers are down…

i believe it should only count while servers are up…

What do you mean? The servers seem okay to me and running fine.
(We’re getting off-topic, go post elsewhere if you’re having connection problems).

for the record i am not crazy and the servers were down for some time…

and nobody told me about how long they would be down…

so in case they were down for a couple of days, i wanted to be sure how the punishment would be carried out…

So its been two weeks and im still banned wtf?

And Raven. It was a joke. Calm down

This player was later permanently banned for hacking.
For reference: 1, 2