BnS is Definately Growing!

I saw this on the BnS server page today:

Yep, that’s 894 players! I usually see 200-300 but this is the most I’ve ever seen. A big thanks to izzy, Stack, and Danheze for continuing the real Ace of Spades.



yep, it is growing indeed:

you can’t really see it in that graph but the player count has passed 1,000 players a few times already! :smiley:

Wow, that’s great! It’s good to know that people are finding out about BnS and choosing it instead of 1.0.

It’s a shame that so many more people don’t know about BnS (mainly because of Jagex’s limit on free speech) and have to go to THEIR version to get the Aces of Spadez

Yup, my computer cannot handle such thing

Seal, AOS 1.0 lags on all computers…

Well since i dont know much about computers bare with me
My cpu is dell and so is my monitor, i got windows xp and i got 1.99 GHz and 512 Mb of ram :l

Unless you have a supercomputer. I saw some gameplay videos and they weren’t lagging at all.