Hello there, fellow customers! I bet you’re getting tired of default guns, eh? But, then again it’s tough to make your own. Needn’t you worry, I have top notch quality weapons and I personally test the ironsights myself to ensure that they are completely accurate so they won’t get in YOUR way of blasting deuces to bits! So, please, look at my armory and see which gun you like. And I’m always constantly making more and more for you to use! Hey, if you’re not looking for a gun, check my crosshair pack, too! It ensures perfect no scope accuracy. I ALWAYS tend to use Voxelshop because I only use top of the line software to give you all the most enjoyment when playing AoS.

What’s my next gun?
-USP for AoS

Barret M82A1 with camo varients

In game pictures:

Click for details

Requested by Flerriko :slight_smile: Sorry for the wait, mah man!!! <3 What do you guys think of my new banner style? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hitmen HeatMaker TF2 gun requested by QuickBrownFox

VSS VINTOREZ. One of my favorite sniper rifles of all time. They are 2 feet long but have a built in supressor. Enjoy my mod for it, including a damn accurate scope sight.

Requested By Sanic :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

All 15 of them made symmetrically and with caution to ensure top-of-the-line accuracy. Enjoy No scoping those bastards with these crosshairs. Click to download.

P90 smg. One of my favorite SMGs of all time. Featuring 4 camo varients. Nuff said, go blast all deuces heads’ off that come in your line of fire with this:

Aimbot. Accurate. Sights.

Marlin 60

Pretty good gun. it has a nice and clean look and the two sight variants really add to it.


Pretty satisfied with this gun. A clean sight and overall I love the look of it in gameplay.

Request application:

Gun Type:
Extra gun parts?
Gun class? (Semi, shotgun, smg.)
Any camos?
what type of sight?

Nice skins. They look very sick.

My Request:

Splat Charger.
A little reworked rifle scope.

Thanks bro! :slight_smile:

Alrighto, I’ll get to your request ASAP. Any reference pictures? Here’s a picture but I don’t know if this is the correct one:

Yeah, it’s that picture. :smiley:

hey sanic. I apologize for the break from replying.

currently I’m busy with school and work but I’m hoping to get your request done in either today, tomorrow or the day after :slight_smile:

Btw, I figured that I should also make a VSS vintorez next. One of my favorite rifles <3

Thanks for the pack of crosshair
I am using the 13 crosshair and it is amazing! Best of the original crosshair, for me

thanks :slight_smile:

I did ensure to test all crosshairs to make sure you get a top quality experience using them. :wink:

Hello Bloodfox,

I really like your mod making skillz. I used your crosshairs and it worked great! I’ve been working out on my pack, and this includes this “Portal gun” which i find hard to make. Would I able to request for you to make this for me? If so, I would like to thank you very much. :smiley:

Hey Flerikko. First off, I REALLY appreciate all of your constructive criticism, Flerikko and Sanic. Gives virtual cookie :slight_smile: Second, Yes, I’ll work on that Flerikko after I make a VSS vintorez, I promise. Thirdly,

Here you go, Sanic. I made your splat charger. I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


I updated the application for requesting mods from me:

Gun Application:

Semi, smg or shotgun?
Ironsights, scopes or reflex sights?
Any addon parts? (Like extended mag, silencer, etc etc.)
Reference Picture:

Crosshair Application:

Base Color?
Primary Color?
Secondary Color?
Any Specific color palettes you want me to use when making this crosshair?
Reference Picture?

It’s okay. Thanks for doing my request!
Also, VSS Vintorez would be real nice!

Sorry, forgot indicating. Please make the gun a rile :slight_smile:

haha kind of knew that :wink: So do you want me also to make the tracer a portal, too? And which color? Orange or Blue?

If you suppose, I would like Orange :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

Alright, will do. I’ll see if I can work on the VSS vintorez today then maybe on Friday (Mountain time) I’ll make your portal gun

Words cannot express how much I love you right now.
(no homo)

lol <3 XD

VSS vintorez is released! (Woooot)

Up next is a portal gun.

Original message:

VSS VINTOREZ. One of my favorite sniper rifles of all time. They are 2 feet long but have a built in supressor. Enjoy my mod for it, including a damn accurate scope sight.

Looks very great.
Kinda small for a rifle, but looks really great.

thanks <3 :slight_smile:
lol actually, the VSS vintorez is supposed to be small. It’s actually a 2 foot long rifle.

Oh, the more you know, I guess. Heh.
Anyway, hope you’ll do FAMAS.
Nope, original or on the picture from CS:GO.
Reworked SMG one.
Here’s some pictures: