block power

can anyone find a reason for block power being down? i know its exp so are they working on it?

It’s actually up, just not on the BnS serverlist. Go to the Aloha home page and scroll down until you see a serverlist on the right side. It’ll be there.

i try it today and yesterday and i click and i get server connection failed all the time.

You’re right. I don’t know if it’s just down for maintenance or if it’s permanently down. I’m guessing it’s permanently down because barely anyone goes on it.

thats a huge shame i love those powers and i asked izzy if she can add other maps like pinpoint(2) and hallway and other 1ctf maps, maybe thats what is going on

I loved that gamemode :l

ok you need to bring back blockpower like now

It’s not down, the gamemode is just a bit unstable. I’m still working on it. :slight_smile:

she? :o

I tested block power, it was pretty fun :smiley: I wish it will be up again soon

And yeah, averagePizza, izzy is a girl ::slight_smile:


No, he’s a guy.