Best Yogscast Member 2013!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL poll for the best yogscast member! In this poll, you will vote for your favorite member, and the member who receives the most votes will receive… umm… something! Remember, this event is completely legitimate, and should be taken seriously at all costs.


-Spring, Best Yogscast Member 2013 Official Event Organizer & Official Chief Executive Officer of Yogscast Polls

pokefan?I did not know pokenfan is part of the yogcast

I vote Sips, he’s a magnificent bastard.

I like mainly Duncan, Sips and Sjin. But if for helpfulness sakes from all the tekkit I’ve been playing, I’d choose Sjin. Also because he has some pretty awesome build time lapses and stuff.

And also, I lol @ the number of votes on Pokefan.

Oh I like official polls. Let me think about this one for a while… I wouldn’t want to waste my vote now would I.

I love all of them in diffrent ways but if i had to pick, which i have to, i pick simon because he is so funny and without him they would complete games and custom maps a lot faster insted of messing around.

Can someone tell me what Yogscast even is?

Minecraft FTW

Sad news guys, the whole AOS series I was planned to debout in didn’t pan out :frowning:

I have plans though, and it partly has to do with them tping everywhere on their jaffa factory series (Also, if anyone can help me spot for their IP through their vids, I’d greatly appreciate it). Three part plan: 1: bug them to get the familiars mod on the forums, 2: hop in their server, find the old yogstower, install my own security measures, make a fampack, use my powers to raid site bee and duncan’s lab for any small goodies they wouldn’t miss. 3: lie in wait in the famtower (converted yogtower) and manipulate them with riddles to the famtower. I meet them, play the mysterious antihero/helper role (think meta knight from kirby), hopefully sharing research notes w/ duncan and scolding sips for scarring bees for life by the end of a few episodes.

9 lines spoken from Eugene Oregon


What does that mean? (knowing spring, it probs means I’m a dirty liar and my shoelaces will stab me to death)

The guy you thought was Lewis spoke a total of 9 lines to you, and was from Eugene, Oregon.

I told you, they probably have a dynamic IP, and some guy in oregon got their old IP >:(
If you can’t stop arguing it to no avail, get off a topic based on it.

No. IPs and IP ranges are location specific, so someone in Oregon would not have the same IP as someone in the UK. The guy who had accessed the server was most certainly from Oregon. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you didn’t meet the Yogscast. There isn’t anything else to it. I’ll stop discussing this with you now, but what I am saying is 100% true, no doubt. We all make rash mistakes and jump to conclusions, but the key to maturity is accepting your mistakes and moving on, instead of trying to defend them when you have no legs to stand on.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

I met Etho in game. I know I did.

You guys forgot Zoeya, shes part of the yougscast.