I have just played in the soccer server and when the server switched to the skullcourse I used my SMG because I could, unlike the other soccer maps. The administrator banned me after half a minute from beggining of the match without further warning. I can understand that, even thought the map allows the use of weapons the administrator wanted to exclude their use. BUT he should give me a warning so that I would know this. Please make sure that your administrators are doing their jobs responsably as this is not the first server where I got banned for misuse of weapons or for unfundamented claimes of aimbotting (I’m pretty good in some maps but I don’t do 30 headshots a minute).

To resume: talk to the soccer server admin, who currently is brazillian guy (just telling to help identify the admin) and clarify the rules about banning people as they please. For me it would be enough, but if you could remove my ban, perfect.

I hope this doesn’t repeat in a near future.


First of all, wrong place. Should be put under “ban appeals” in the Ace of Spades section.
Second, gun use is encouraged on Skullcourse, since it’s the only map that allows it.
Third, you most likely did something such as griefing, teamkilling, etc. The admins here usually don’t ban for no reason.

This has nothing to do with the server being up. Go to Ban appeals if you want to complain about being banned. Its called the BAN appeal for a reason. Cool server soccer/football.

Probably just a votekick.
Tell us if you can join the server now, ty

It was a votekick and he was able to play again after 30 minutes.

Closing this one.