1. i waited 30mins but still cant play

  2. [RCS]KILL3R

  3. aloha 10 maps arena

  4. i was glitching…

5)beacause ill never glitch again

  1. i was banned 10/1/13 around 6:00am to 7:00am ;D

Glitching bans usually last a week. I have contacted the admin who banned you, he may be lenient and shorten it.

Yeah, I banned you for a day since I can’t do that fancy week-banning stuff (unless somebody bumped it up?). You glitched a few times and I /killed you, afterwards you said you’d stop. You didn’t.

[17:54] <[RCS]KILL3R> i know ill stop glitching [17:56] <[RCS]KILL3R> he no aimbot cancel or i keep glitching
(Last one was an aimbot votekick in which the one being votekicked left, and I just now found out he got permabanned sometime after.)

So if it stays a 1-day ban, I’ll let it wear out (about 9 hours left) to make sure you learned your lesson. If somebody bumped it up I’ll see what I can do.