Banned ??

Yo, i was playing in Classicgen and there were 2 guys in the blue team and i was in the green team alone, i heard them building so i told them to make truce and build together.

The first one was called Magnum
& the other was called [COD] Sniper (or something like that)

Magnum said OK but when i came he killed me, so i wanted to go back and kill them.
while i was on my way he told me “don’t come back or BAN”
i was like “what the f*** is this kiddo talkin about…” so i told him ban me if you can, and then…BAM!
I got banned… reason was “Donatello he will” or something stupid like that.

So if he’s an admin he’s abusing his powers, if he’s not then that’s kind of a hack i guess, you should ban him. (by the way i’m banned from all the aloha servers.)

Soooo…what should i say? Unban me.

It was a votekick.

How do you know ?

Probably because your IP wasn’t in the ban list; but I’m not an admin so I wouldn’t know :smiley:

Votekicks ban you for 30min. Are you able to get back on the servers -now- ?

How do you know ?

Because I checked the ban-list and the reason was as you stated “Donatello he will”, quite different to what a usual ban looks like.

@Haux. Sure he can, I undid that 30 minute ban couple minutes after he posted here.