Hey guys, My IGN is [TSB]Eddie, And about 30 min ago, I got banned from the aloha servers for glitching, Although I did not do it on purpose, and I stayed near my spawn, I still got banned. And I don’t see why they don’t ban glitchers who get out of their spawn on purpose and kill the entire enemy team, and they ban people like me who did it by accident. so what I am trying to say is if I can get unbanned please,If it is a 30 min ban, I’ll just wait (it’s been over 30 min already) but If it’s a 5 day ban, I would like to be unbanned because I am not going to wait that long just because of something I did not want to do. Thank you for reading this. :slight_smile:

That’s not what I saw. It was on Oil rig reloaded, right? I saw you glitch out of the walls, and advance towards the enemies. The glitch, in no way, shape or form, should cause you to accurately navigate around turns. Although I wasn’t the one who put in the ban, I probably would have done the same. You’ve been caught multiple times, Eddie :l
(And yes, it was a 6 day ban.)

Yes, it was on rig reloaded, and I did not go anywhere near the green spawn, I was looking at my messenger, and when I returned in game,I noticed I got out of the spawn ( i knew i had glitched),but I had thought that the round had started, so i walked towards the orange building, That’s when i had noticed that the round was about to begin, but before i had a chance to return to my spawn, I had been banned.And yea, about the turns thing, it does seem unlikely that it did that by itself, but in my screen, it wasn’t like that.i wasn’t on the lowest floor (where green spawn is), i was still on the top.

Also, That was the first time I had ever glitched in any server, before I switched back to being [TSB]Eddie ( i was using [TSB]XRaided) because someone had stole the name [TSB]Eddie and was pretending to be me, so it might have been him who was glitching but not me,you can ask most of the people in aloha lts, and they know that I don’t and have never glitched.And they can also tell you that there use to be a fake me in the servers.

I don’t know who banned you, but its pretty simple. Theres “no mistakes” anymore. DONT MINIMIZE EVER or you risk getting banned. Until the Admin comes forward and says something you will remain banned. Even then, it is up to that admin weather or not to give you a shot and unban you. So, spread the word Dont minimize. I know its silly and stupid we have to resort to such mindless deeds but that is the world we play in. Good Luck!

Fine, I understand, I won’t use the minimize button again.and yea I will wait until the admin decides.But I should at least be given another chance since this is my first time glitching.

It’s me who banned you.

Well Eddie, as a regular you are aware of the fact that we don’t tolerate glitchers. At the moment of your glitch you were the fifth in a row (after multiple warnings) and you had the luck of two online admins who saw you do it.

In a rare occasion a glitch occurs by accident, but walking straight towards the enemy after a glitch is NO accident, but abuse of the situation, and you know that.

Also, as mojo said, we can’t give free glitchcards to everyone who said it was an accident, cause well, it’s what all glitchers say. Why minimize a window after a respawn anyway? It makes no sense.

So I hate to tell you but appearances are against you and I don’t believe the accident story. Wait out your ban of 5 days and learn from your mistakes.

Well yea, I glitched by accident, and I did walk toward the orange building (I said that as well,but because i had thought the round started, i died early in the past round, so i minimized and was searching something else meanwhile, so i did not see when i respawned for the next round) but I wasn’t near green spawn, nor did i kill anyone,It wasn’t my intention to glitch out of the map, and of course, constant glitchers will say that it was an accident, but what else could i say if this seriously was my first time glitching, it seems like i have no proof that i could use to back my self up, unless there are other players that know i am not the glitching type (which there are alot of people who can vouch for me,like gamingFTW,MLGtyler,avirus,mr.stark,etc…)

also, I was never given no warning, but I had known about the 5 day ban for glitching, so why would I just risk killing the enemy team knowing that I would get banned and Knowing that there was an admin in the server at that time.If i had wanted to glitch on purpose and get banned, I would’ve stayed quiet and not have bothered posting this topic.

He does have a point about the warning though, and remember, if you are holding or recently hit one of the move keys, your character will move while your minimized, so in my non-countable opinion, He deserved a single warning.
Heck, who says he saw the warning you say where told to the other glitchers? If you took a poll, half the people, don’t pay attention to chat, dose not matter what color, and if you took another about who even read it, I bet a fair amount might glance at every now and then.

I will definitely vouch for Eddie, he is not the type of person to abuse the glitch. He’s never used it as long as I have played with him (which has been 1-2 months plus). I would hate to have that happen to me :confused: (and I’ve been banned for 24 hours in the past). I would ask for a sentence reduction at the least. Thank you -Tyler.
A reply to Big Jim. I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had friends votekick against me because they weren’t paying attention.

I agree with Tyler, eddie is not the guy who glitched and he never will, we do know that somepeople stolen eddies account cause we all saw it, it could be the guy who stole eddies name and glitched and you see it, you banned him, that could be the case. And, Eddie should not be banned cause if he did actually glitched ( which is not going to happen, but anyway), you shouldve get a warning, its not fair if the admins give other people warning and you guys dont give eddie a warning, thats just ridicilous

cmon, after seeing the above posts, do you guys still actually believe that I tried to glitch on purpose? Like I said before, I thought the round had started, so I went out of the spawn thinking i was the last guy on the team.

The guys at the irc said that I had no proof of this, but look above, there is your proof that im not the person to just start glitching all of a sudden. ;-;

I am going to wait to see whether or not drebbel believes me,or is still not convinced.

its only 6 days, im sure he can wait it. i mean, sure 1 or 2 guys say he would never do somthing like that, but there have been like 5… im sure drebbel gets the pint xD

True, but we can’t force people to read the chat now, can we? Even if I’d given a personal warning there was the risk of him not reading it.
After having banned 4 people in the earlier 3 rounds and multiple warnings in chat in general to everyone by FaZe and me I considered that warning enough. I’d like to add that, regarding the amount of warnings and the length of the ban, I, and other admins as well, make a distinction in whether the glitching person is ‘new’ to arena or a regular (glitcher).

Eddie returned to the game on a very unfortunate moment and decided to walk. You can imagine how that appears to the observing admin, and while we got our instruments to detect cheaters, unfortunately we still can’t look in the heads of the players to see if he’s aware of the situation or not. So let that be a lesson to you all: don’t minimize the game while playing in arena, and when you do check the situation when you come back and/or kill yourself immediately. Abusing the glitch = ban.

Oh and to Eddie: why are you still reading this? Get back in game you! :wink:

I see your point as well, and it makes perfect sense. Thank you for doing your duty as an admin, see yah in game!