Hi, I’m Davorox, some of you may have seen me on your servers one time or another.

Anyway, I really enjoy your servers, but I have two brothers as well as myself. One, similar to me in skill and tactics, which is all fine and good. However, my other brother is not very good and commonly abuses the wall glitch to spawnkill in arena mode, despite me telling him to NOT do so in your servers. Both brothers were on at the same time yesterday, and a votekick against my bad brother failed before they both quit later. Both my Laptop and CPU have been banned from your servers since about 24 hours ago, and seeing your servers are my favourite in AoS, its really annoying. I just want to make sure its not a perma-ban and apologise for the inconvenience made, as I know that being a suffer of this glitch is really annoying, and I hope soon it can be fixed.

-Thanks for reading, Davorox

hey davarox, mm i think glitch bans are 7 days. But it may be perma im not sure. Wait till an admin replies

Hi Davorox,
Thanks for posting and I can tell you that you are banned at this current time for glitching. Unfortunately, i cannot confirm how long this ban may be. More than likely it is a 1 day ban or a 5 day ban. Providing your brothers in game name may shed a little more light on the subject. Once we have that information, we can contact the administrator who banned him and find out more. Unfortunately For now, you will have to stay banned.

Thanks for the help, although annoying, it isn’t the end of the world if I miss a few days of playing on Aloha.

As Bukkit said before, what is your bros IGN?

his brother ign is Davorox1…-_-…

Yes, because I have set both my laptop and CPU name to ‘Davorox’, when both are on the same server, the one that came on later becomes ‘Davorox1’. Often this is the laptop, and in this case was the laptop. Thing is my better bro was on the CPU and he got banned too…