Hello aloha users. I was a regular on a few of your servers (last team standing, hallway, pinpoint, tower of babel). “Was” as I am now banned from all aloha servers. I have been kicked by players and admins by which I do not wish to trouble. I average a 50% accuracy rate, a 4.00 K/D with a ping of 55. The ping may help me over those with 150+ ping. In any case I have not hacked once since I’ve played AoS let along alohas servers. I would appreciate to have my IP unbanned. Thank you. - {MLG}|Tyler~SAW former aloha user.

There realllly needs to be a public service announcement about this.

Votekick bans are only 30 minutes in length. Just join after 30 minutes.
EDIT: However, if you are repeatedly kicked for pretty much the same reason, consider applying for a trusted member position.
Also post on this thread if you get kicked more times. We can investigate.

Thank you Reki. I may look into the trusted member position but this issue has been resolved. Thank you again. I’d also like to thank buckethead for his help.

I would get trusted password if I were you! Back when I was half-way decent I was tired of getting vote-kicked, so I got a trusted password. All the kids get them :wink:

Lol thanks. I would but they are currently not accepting requests for trusted passwords. :frowning:

Sorry didn’t know that :stuck_out_tongue: I should really know more about that stuff haha

lol ya I only know because i was told.

They’re on hold. We’ll start accepting them once we change our ways of accepting applications and administration, which will happen soon.

Bumping for relevance. Locked until Drebbel gets back.