Hey, it’s lolies. I was banned approximately 2 minutes ago on last team standing. I think it was because I was taking advantage of a wall glitch. Really sorry about that, didn’t know you guys had a big problem with it. I’ll stop doing it, although I have to admit seeing the comments of HACKER! was quite amusing. I want you to know that these are my favorite servers and I don’t want to become the “bad guy.” I’ll stop doing that particular map glitch.

Well if you do glitch again on accident just stay there until it restarts, Using the glitch against the opposing team is called “Glitch abusing” abusing the glitch. Thanks for being honest, -GamingFTW

Yes, you are correct! You got banned for exactly that reason. Not to fret, it is a temporary ban so try again tomorrow. Just so you know, Glitching is cheating and I am the one who banned you. Thanks.

I’m only curious, but what is this “glitch” you speak of?

Its a glitch were people get out of their bases cage and they can use it as an advantage to kill the other team.It can be caused by lagg and some people deliberately find ways to do it with out hacks.

Glitch is a problem…

You know, we ought to start giving people the benefit of the doubt.
If it’s due to lag, the player may not even know what’s going on (especially if they don’t pay attention to the scrolltext at the bottom). Then imagine walking to the enemy base and seeing a bunch of people all lined up.

Heck, MY first instinct would be to shoot the hell out of them, because the enemies in the cage would no doubt try to shoot at me too.

Well, they may be unaware of what’s going on the first time, but the next round you expect them to know, right? Plus, a glitch because of lag may drop them through the floor, but I don’t believe lag causes them to glitch through the red blocks that keep them in their cage.

The problem is there are plenty of players who do take advantage of it. If you keep your eyes on it, you see it’s almost always the same group of people doing it. Login with your known admin-name and all of a sudden they stop doing it.
How many times I’ve seen the same players act totally surprised, blame it on lag and start nading the hell out of the enemy. Yesterday a guy managed to take out the whole opponent team while they were still their cage waiting. The round was over before it started.
And when I check their ping it doesn’t seem so bad at all.

A solution could be to place a giant pool of lava beneath the spawn. Trust me,t he group of people that abuses the glitch is a lot bigger than the players that glitch because of lag.

How many times have I fell through the floor on the plane map…
Also, it’s common to lag through the floor/ceiling, and just going from there.THen there’s the situation like Potas described, where he just wasn’t returned to the spawn.

I like logging on with different usernames, and I indeed see many more aimbotters/griefers/glitch-abusers…I guess it’s the only way to deal with these f*ckers.

It is a banning offense plain and simple and its getting ready to make its debut of banning for a week instead of a day. its absolutely obsurd to think that even if it is an accident to stay at your spawn and not go try and kill the other team… Especially when you have been banned for it already. Cheating is cheating plain and simple. they do it, banned no questions asked. You think Lolies there was innocent?? they know they werent … lolies event stated 'taking Advantage " sorry cheating dont fly with me

Actually this particular glitch is caused by me minimizing and reopening the ace of spades window. Allows me to drop below the floor. I was doing it on purpose just because I was annoyed with the amount of people screaming hacker at every person who killed them. So I glitched to get on their nerves.

we know what causes it, its still cheating. keep it up and see where it leads