banned unfairly

I’m good with a rifle, and usually i kill people with headshoot . But this has been a problem for me because I was banned at least 3 times unfairly accused of aimbot , and even though I have proof that I am not hacker, for example low accuracy I end up being banned by votekick …
People do not want to know if I’m hacker or not, just want to get rid of whoever kills they , and this is pathetic. >:(

I can not stand being banned unfairly and i want to know if there’s anything I can do to stop it .


Theres one thing you can do to stop it: stop hacking

but i NEVER hacks…
i am only good :frowning:
and accuse me of hack even when i do not kill with headshot…

Oh, so you have your aimbot setup for body shots only?

but I do not use aimbot, and never used.
aimbot is thing of noob.

Well, for all we know, you could be a noob, not calling you one. I guess you can apply for trusted.

I suggest making one ban appeal in the Ban Appeals section instead of making one here and 2 there.

And why they think I’m noob?
I’ve never used aimbot and never had been banned by ,
who’s was banned was a hacker that used my old name… and was fake.

He never said they thought you were a noob. He said you could be a noob, as in it being a possibility.

but it was all a mistake of the name, and now everything is already solved …

ITT: false premises to hell.

I apologize for the antagonistic way some of our admins treated you; it’s a side-effect of having many people protesting their innocence before finally getting proven to have been hacking liars all along. I think all admins should have something to learn from reading this thread.

It’s all right…
but the true hacker " BlackDiamond" was Unbanned ?
because i saw him right now on " infiltration - Castle assault "
if it’s really him , is better that you take a look :smiley:

It looks like this may be a different BlackDiamond. Was he doing anything strange?

Saw him (or another BlackDiamond) on PP at about 4:00 AM GMT +10. Left at about 4:15 AM.

Yeah. That BlackDiamond is kind of a pinpoint lurker.

I rember you dakotta you aim bot ESP blantantly go to hell and enjoy the ban!

Rude, especially considering as far as we know, dakotta never hacked and this was a conflict of identity. Maybe you should read the thread before making snarky comments. :slight_smile:

Even if he did hack, you sholdn’t be mean. Treat others as you wish to be treated :slight_smile:

Player was unbanned. Locked.