Banned on Tower of Babel


I love this map setup with having to get the intel off a platform. I have been playing this server for months. Tonight I got into the game, went to the other side and started shooting out their tower. With no warning I got kicked and banned, what gives? What do I do Next?

Gary Williams
Network Engineer/Server Admin
Montgomery College MD

What was your ign?

Isn’t “NotAgain” PXYC’s pet name?

Aaack! I’m the one to fault for this.

NotAgain, I’m really sorry, that was my mistake… I had accidentally typed in the wrong player number for a tempban, and the player number turned out to be yours. You weren’t doing anything wrong, and as far as I know, you’ve never done anything malicious on Babel. I went into a small panic once I saw that you got banned instead of the player I meant to ban, and asked an admin to get you unbanned.

I’m pretty sure I managed to get you unbanned within 10 minutes of putting that accidental ban on you through, though. So you should be able to log back into the game without any trouble, to the best of my knowledge.

Again, I’m tremendously sorry for my mistake, and I’m going to take greater care to ensure that I won’t make a similar error in the future.