Banned on Infiltration. (Possibly more).

Hello! I’ve just started to play AoS the other day, and I’m really liking it. For a long time I tried to get into the Infiltration server. I got in and I played for an hour or 2. I went AFK for a while and got kicked, I logged on again, played for a while, then forgot about the game, and apparently I got banned.

I believe I was banned for being AFK, and I’m sorry. I know that a lot of people want to play, and when people idle they take away that opportunity for others. If I know I’m going to leave for over a minute, I’ll leave the server. I really love this mode, and these servers, and I would like to be unbanned. Thanks for reading.

your unbanned

How does one even get banned for AFK?
The worst that happens is some players votekick you for being AFK, and you suffer a 30-minute temporary ban.
In any case, get back to playing, and next time, remember to close your client after you finish gaming.

i’m pretty sure when you’re AFK it’s only a kick as the script is called and not hopefully someone can clarify what the script actually does for AFK players cuz it’s really unfair to be banned for being AFK.

it was a votekick for NO REASON GIVEN !! lol

the afk script only kicks on the arena and infiltration servers, it doesn’t do anything automatically on the other servers. it doesn’t ban.