Banned on 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint


I am banned on the 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint server possibly for a long time (maybe 5 monthes, but I can’t tell the exact date, sorry of that). This probably for the reason that some players were griefing and I wanted to help them, then an admin fell to me… bad luck :/. I’m not really sure, maybe because it is long, and because I was already banned for unknown reasons (on custom games, it happens frequently).

But I am sure that I’m not neither a motherf**er nor a kid. I understood that I shouldn’t do this, because players want to play and enjoy in good conditions, and griefing disturbs the game progress. So I apologize for any bad behaviours I could have by the past, and I would like to get a chance.


EDIT : I am actually being banned on all aloha servers, I don’t know the reason, it happened at the moment I posted this. Could you explain me please ?

What username/IGN where you playing in?


Please go to;sa=page;p=11
and type your Nickname, then click on Join Chat. When you get to the chat room and ask for any staff member to help you.



Thank you, my bans were cancelled.

Good to hear and welcome back.