Banned from pinpoint

Hello, my name in server was Therealcedz and I was recently banned from pinpoint approximately 5 minutes ago. There was no reason or warning (no votekick) whatsoever for this ban. I had not done anything wrong, no griefing or anything and if it helps i was on the green team. I hope that they could fix this and please tell me the reason why i was banned, so if there is a problem next time, it can be fixed. Thanks!

From what it looks like, you were banned earlier for reason “aimbot” and now it seems you have been banned for evading. Ban evading serves for a premaban. For any further information you would have to consult the person who banned you.

Yeah, I think I remember the ban for aimbot. However, I was not using aimbot. What does ban evading mean? Also, I do not know the person who had banned me.

Evading means you changed your ip to get past your ban.

I have never changed my IP and I do not even know how to.

You must have let someone use your computer then. the first time you got banned you were on tug of war. Ironically, your IP that you changed is in the same area of your current IP with the exact same ign. SO now your lieing. Im the one who banned you.

flushdns, release, renew.

I don’t understand how letting someone use my computer changes my IP address. I honestly did not ever change my IP address. Also, im not sure how this works but is it possible that someone else under my name signed in?

Do you have a dynamic ip?

I’m not sure about that but i recently got a new modem about a month ago. Would that effect anything?

No. Your internet service provider gives you an IP address, and a piece of hardware will not change a thing.
(Yahoo answers link with same question: Nope)

After following the instruction on yahoo to reset my modem (and not getting it to work for an hour after that) turns out my IP does change. last digits (not revealing the whole thing for safety purposes) were .58.10 and that changed to .32.11

good going faze you just proved you are NOT smarter than a fifth grader, whos side are you on anyhow? now i gottas put a range ban on this fool. and reki your no help either

Love that show. And I was just answering his question… :smiley: EDIT: …without completely reading the yahoo answers page. Good going, FaZe.

EDIT 2: Removed the implicit tutorial on how to evade bans T_T

The act of resetting your router at all may affect your IP address.

I don’t understand why I’m being banned for something I didn’t do wrong.

Guys, guys! Why do you all assume he’s lying? Lots of people have dynamic IPs that change without the person doing it themselves. You all could be falsely accusing him, or you all could be 100% correct, but it’s just not right to assume someone is “ban evading” when their IP changes, because certain ISPs do that.

Well, how was it changed?
If the entire IP changed, then it’s obvious that it’s not really his problem.
If only the last few numbers change, then it IS obvious that he’s evading bans.

I don’t understand why would it be considered ban evading if I wasn’t banned at the time my IP changed.

Also, at the time I bought my modem, I wrote down the default IP on the side of it. The number IS completely different (starts with 192). I’ve been banned for like 3 days now and this is not fair at all.