Banned from my favorite servers. Why? Ban Appeal.

#1. I waited 30 min to no avail.
#2. My IGN is: The Muffin Man
#3. Took place on infiltration (i think, im not acutally banned from that server, but i am from the others)
#4. Reason unknown. The only possible reason that i can think of is i was building something, and people kept digging through it, and i got angry and killed them. They kept on doing it and eventually i froze, and when i was unfrozen i was no longer on the server. I then wanted to get on a different server but i was told “Banned!” it says that for almost all servers.
#5. I have never hacked anything, ever, nor do i intend to. Also, if I angered some players, i never meant to. I have been playing almost solely on servers for about 4 months now, and i love them. they are by far my favorite servers. And it makes me sad to be banned from them, espesially because im not sure why i was banned.
#6. it happened around 10:15 pm CST

I hope that this can be sorted out, so i can continue playing on what i believe are the best AoS servers out there.
~The Muffin Man

If an admin has taken the time to read this i apologize, because i checked once again to make sure i was banned after i posted the appeal, and i wasnt so please disregard the above appeal. again, i apologize for taking up your time.