Banned from all server without any notice nor reason :(

Fill out this template as you’re making a ban appeal.

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked.
Waited long enough :confused: , incase its just a votekicked ban, pls dont ban me further :(.

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name).


#3) Server you were playing on when you got banned.
All servers :frowning:

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
I dont know the reason at all, at first i played it was just an epic match. I left the game and about few hours later i came back to join , but got banned :(.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.

I really enjoy playing ur server cause its really fun . I made many friends in ur server and it really is sad to lost connection with them if i am banned.If i did any things wrong admins ,pls do forgive me . I change whatever that makes u wana ban me.

Date and time
At 4/12/12 , 2:30p.m.

You were banned for using ESP and no recoil. The admin who banned you will be notified and give his reaction.

Ok i admit i did hacked…But i didnt hack what soever ESP and went on to just plain pure game.I dont know whats ESP.I ask someone whats that,they said its a Wall Hack.Does it go through walls or something???Ok, i know it plain bad to lie.But if i could get another chance i would chg and play fair.I really like ur server and if its a 2 weeks or 3 weeks ban i could wait, i just dont want it to be a permaban , i really really dont want it…Fellow admins pls have mercy and dont make it permaban :/.I would do anything just to play in ur servers cause it give enjoyment no other servers have . For the Admin who banned me i am sorry for my mistakes and know every wrong have its consequences.I am sorry and will play the game fairly just like the other players.Once again, really sorry :frowning: . Now i know hacking isnt fun…I really hope u can give me a chance, just 1 last time .Pls Admins.Thats all i can say.~~~CycoDude :frowning:

Should’ve owned up first instead of blurting it out later.


Hello there. I am the person who banned you along with some other people who have reported you using the ESP (It’s like a radar where you exactly know where your enemies are) and no recoil/spread on your weapon. You should have admitted the first time; I did actually see your original post of you denying before you edited it. You should never lie during anything. Innocence and honesty may be rewarding but distrust will make you lose everything.

I’ll give it two weeks before I let you go… but please remember that we are always watching you even when you are free to go.
If this happens again, there will be no more second chances.

REJOICE!!! Thx so much for not perban me!!! I fully regrets of all the action that i have done!!! Thx so much mutani for letting me off the hook!!! Btw do i get unban after 2 weeks? :slight_smile: Soo HappyyI will be a very fair player from now onwards :)!!!

Btw, can i ask if i can add extra scopes on my rifle/smg/shotgun (I found a great file and modder that could make my scope zoom more like 12x)I wonder if its consider as hacking, i mean increasing range will be more off a headshot kill.I dont wana be called a aimboter again.If i its not a hack , i will sure use it too kill more people (Fairly) . ~~~~CycoDude :smiley:

Kinda depends what you mean.Normally all scopes are the same zoom unless they actually hacked it and make it even more zoom.

Yup, they modded/hacked it into a larger zoom for longer distances! 8)

That would be considered a hack, being that they hacked it, which i would assume would be illegal to use.

If there’s a change in code, which I suspect is the case here, I consider it a hack/cheat, which would mean a permaban. So I suggest not using it :wink: