Banned From .76 Test Server....

Hello. I’m new to the Aloha forums, so please forgive me if there is a required format.
Just a few minutes ago, 10:30 P.M. PST, I was apparently banned from the .76 test server. However, all I did was kill a person shooting at me. He had the intel while he was shooting me and I headshotted him. Then while carrying the intel back to base, I was disconnected. I’m not sure if this is a kick/ban because when I tried going back to the server, it said I was banned.

Aloha has very skilled Admins who only ban people if they have actually done something.
Since i’m not a admin i can’t check why you were banned but i will ask one of the Aloha admins on the IRC to check out your request.

Lol, Sif you got banned in .76? You’re not the first.

I’m guessing it was 30 minutes.

EDIT: Aw crap, this is a weeks old post linksters necro’d.

I didn’t get banned.
I don’t go on Aloha 0.76 because i’m not a big fan on the maps which are to big for small amounts of people.