Banned fro servers. Help!

I was in the “ arena top 10 maps” server playing and was talking. Later on i t said I was being votekicked. They said the reason was: Annoying Me! I waited a day or two till it was lifted but nothing. My IGN name is :s0ulsh0ck3r101 If someone helps me with my problem I’ll really appreciate it. I love the servers! I always play Nuketown on Arena :frowning:

Hello there!

1 - It’s strongly recommended that you fill out the Ban Appeal Template, but that’s not necessary for the time being.

2 - I was the admin who banned you, for griefing. You were destroying the team’s fort, and hampering their enjoyment without good reason, whatsoever. You’ll be unbanned in about 4 days. Think about what you did, and the consequences of actions taken.



'Twas a votekick after all…