Banned For Supposed "Glitching"

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked.
I Didnt really know if i was votekicked, i think i was possibly perma banned my admin.

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name)

#3) Server you were playing on. Top 10 Maps

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
It was the map NukeTown. I did that thing from green spawn where you get to the other side. Appearently the admin thought i was glitching. Its not a glitch or a cheat. Its all in the timing. Let me explain. Go to the porch of the building by green spawn and the face the wall, then run and before you reach that little gap, let go of shift and then immediately press it again then jump. If you do it right you get it done. Thats all for how to do it. Now i am banned from all maps, and i wasnt even doing anything. I was just like everyone else, shooting the other team.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed.
Practically the only AOS severs i play on is server, The ones i play on the most is: Top 10 Maps, Infiltration, All maps, and Counter Strike.
I really love you guys and the servers you have. Once again it wasnt really glitching or cheating, and I wouldnt do it again. I promise severely.

#6) Date and time (approx)
11/4/12 Around 9:30 (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada)

Its a 7 day ban. We know that it is a flaw in the map but you WERE abusing that flaw. If it requires the instructions that you gave than it is probably a glitch.

Wait it out and DON’T glitch again. It’s that simple.

Um ok, I think i can go 7 days… well kinda.
Back to the topic on how whether its a glitch or not. I said it was all on button press timing.
You said “with the instructions you gave its probably a glitch”, also it does require the instructions i gave on how to do it, so its maybe a glitch.

I will not do it again, also i will try to votekick who ever does it.

Thanks for replying and informing me on the ban info.

Stay Fresh and Have a Good One.

Its giving an unfair advantage to the other players so I consider it ban worthy. Well have fun at school tommorow, if you go to school.

Bans for getting outside the map should not apply for a broken map unless the user was found using the actual glitch. It’s the map’s fault not the player’s when the player finds a way of getting outside the map through legit means. The server host can either remove the map or fix the map but banning a player for finding this flaw is not the their fault.
I’m not chewing you out Color (Your just doing your job), this is just a general message for how the situation could have been resolved.
This particular map has at least 3 areas that you can jump out of the map.
Also we have had this discussion not to long ago.

Maybe take it up with other admins. :slight_smile:

I actually have to side with the appealer on this. I remember making maps with AVuKY and building little parkour jump challenges that provided shortcuts across the maps. It’s not cheating at all to use the map to the full advantage.

In any case, his IP isn’t on the banlist, so this is closed.