banned for no reason

My old name was black diamond in the game but I no longer use that name due to the fact of having a fake using this name, and my current name is dakotta’ .
Some guys told me that I was banned for aimbot in, but as I recall I was never banned in, only banned by votekick and in arena mode but I never used aimbot or any kind of hacker…
All the times I’ve been banned by votekick had only a few people playing, and banned me only by being good, even though precision low and prove that i am not hacker, i was banned . They would not wanted know if i am hacker or no, they just wanted to get rid of whoever killed they…
But yesterday some people tried to ban me for votekick with the reason " that I had been banned in " , but not had enough votes , so I think that they banned me by other way…
And spent more than an hour but I could not get into any server
I want wondering why this ?
and I was really banned for aimbot before this happened ?
and if I was already banned the why ? because I never used aimbot…
And I think that i have to be unbanned because I never used aimbot or any kind of hacker. All charges were unfair and falses.

If have anything I can do to prove this, I accepted
I hope that you guys understand. :wink:

Black Diamond (dakotta) is innocent. I know her, and she doesn’t hack.

Maybe you should watch this Dakotta. This “BlackDiamond” I specced and recorded myself is clearly hacking.

I know about BlackDiamond , and i tried to ban him because he was using my name , but he banned me saying that i was hacker, griefing and aimbot to not be banned by me.
I was only "Black diamond " and not “BlackDiamond” .
and i changed my name to dakotta’ because i know that there is a fake blackdiamond.
one time a guy told me that had saw a fake black diamond on pinpoint…
is there way to check who has banned me by votekick ? because some days ago BlackDiamond banned me when i used my name as Black diamond to say that he is a fake of me

There’s no doubt in the video. If you were banned as a result of this video then you were the one that was hacking. If it was him that was recorded, he would be banned right now there’s no mixup in names look at the kill feed the name is blackdiamond, both words together, and juxta banned blackdiamond, with both words together. Is what i’m saying making since? If he got you, then you were using the name blackdiamond and hacking.

Edit: it doesn’t ban your name, it bans the ip, so that if someone uses ur name it doesn’t ban the name, it bans the ip.

Di, please tell us, were you hacking?
EDIT: WAIT! Dakotta could have been using the black diamond name in another server and got banned for ban evasion. she was in arena top 10, not pinpoint. I think Color said that people named black diamond got banned for ban evasion. And BTW, why is there another Black Diamond account on the forum?

Hmm…this is odd. I dug through the banlist and found your name, but you’re banned under “Dakotta”, not “Black Diamond”. This was on the 24th of January, 2013.
This probably means you were actually using the name “Dakotta”, not “Black Diamond”.
However, the reason was for ban evasion, and I don’t see a previous instance of a ban against you.

I’ll poke around and see what else I can find, and try to get in touch with the admin who banned you.

The IP of Black diamond is in the same city as all the others…

There was a small mistake on the matter of the name - you’ve been unbanned already, and apologies are in order.

Have a good time in-game.

Best Regards

the ip is in the video…
isn’t that…?

It was a matter about the name. My friend was banned for Ban Evasion, not aimbot, like the fake in the video.

Dakotta, I advise you in future to stick to the IGN “Dakotta” to avoid yourself being confused with the BlackDiamond that was banned.

Please accept our sincerest apologies on this error and continue to enjoy yourself on our servers.

I’ve never used hack, and my name was Black diamond with the words separated and not together as the hacker…
i was banned for Ban Evasion ,because they thought I was the BlackDiamond.

finally it was resolved :smiley:
Thank you

I started using my name only as dakotta because I knew that had a black diamond fake and did not want to be confused …
The last time that I used my name as a black diamond was trying to ban the hacker that was fake…

Well please stick to Dakotta only and as I said please go ahead and enjoy yourself on the servers.

But never use the compromised “BlackDiamond” ID again for the protection of your innocence.

Yes, I also would like to apologize for my earlier post, I rashly ranted on something I knew nothing about… clearly.

anyway Good Day Sir / Madam - TwIsTeDBuLL3T

it’s ok, I’ll just use dakotta, I’ll never use the name that the hacker spoiled… :wink:

no problem, it’s all right now ;D