Banned for no reason -.-

  1. I was not votekicked

  2. My IGN is [DELTA]HeadShot, member of DELTA

  3. I was playing on pinpoint 24/7

  4. I was literally banned for no absolute reason…and i would like to be un-banned…

  5. I should be un-banned because I did nothing wrong. People say i was “griefing” but i promise, and hope to die, i wasnt.

  6. 1/14/13 I think the time was about 8-9:45

Well, that is all, i hope to get un-banned very much, this is all i ask.

You were throwing grenades at a teammates building on pinpoint. Your ban will expire January 20th

Yes, i was throwing grenades. But i promise, i was trying to do a glitch that failed…But thanks…

Glitching is also against the rule, whether it was useless or not.

(Sorry for posting without being involved…Except that I think I should scold a fellow DELTA for acting unreasonably.)