Banned for no reason

Hi, I was banned for “apparently” using aimbot and I don’t hack and was randomly kicked by someone.Please unban me as I did nothing at all.

Really obvious aimbot and ESP. You’re definitely not getting unbanned.

What! I was not using aimbot or ESP? What is esp? And did you look at my ratio! How is that hacking. If I was hacking I would’ve got a much better ratio!

You were looking at players through walls. When you were banned you were in the process of digging up a player who was not visible to you, who you immediately snapped to.

Ratio has nothing to do with whether you are hacking.

What?!?! I dug a player up in my team and I could see their head sticking out of the tower! I was helping them! WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT

I’m talking about the green player on the left side of blue spawn inside a box of grey blocks. You were standing near it, typing, finished typing, and then immediately snapped to his head and then ran over to dig him up.

I have to idea what you are on about, I was not doing anything I shot a player then ran forward and chucked a grenade OMG

Well, this is going nowhere. I was watching you, you aimbotted, you’re banned.