Banned for no reason.

Hey aloha, I recently (1 min ago) got banned from all the aloha server for absolutely no reason. I was not aimbotting or griefing or anything. I was playing fair and I started a votekick for someone who I believed was aimbotting/ESP. That isn’t the concern though, my concern is why did I get banned if there is a reason. If there is no reason, then please unban me. Thanks
My IP:

I apologise for posting here. I am a newbie to these forums.

What server were you on last? Also votekicks last 30mins.

r1ctf Hallway, and I can’t’ve been vk’ed coz I was started one. I’ll check however.

I can’t find you on a banlist with the ip you provided. Maybe come to #aloha .

Did we ever reach a conclusion on this?

He was either:

  1. Votekicked
  2. Unbanned

Probably votekicked, though.

Your right, I think it was a VK

Yeah, looks like a votekick.