Banned for no reason in babel

i was just playing aloha pk tower of babel and I was banned for no reason, this time I wasn’t using hacks, I didn’t do any tricks either, it could be because of the lag I have from living too far from the server, that’s what I think and if not I don’t know.
my name is xXgodsniperx01 my Ping is 400-440ms
(At 3:20AM-Uruguay GMT) 18/12/2022
there was a guy named deuce12 if not wrong I think in the previous game he votekicked why according to him I was not helping the team and I was the one who was defending them, then in the next Mapa told me that I was his bitch and whenever he killed me he called me “ez” “sit” etc.
After all that I was playing normal and I liked playing that mode because it’s like war, the boy stops saying those things to me and I kill a person and i get disconnected from the game because i was banned.
It makes me sick because I was enjoying the game without any kind of aimbot, wall hack, etc.
If you can help me solve this and then play again, it would help me since at no time did I break the rules, I used smg in case it can be useful for information and my name when I was playing that game Time was xXgodsniperx01, thank you very much if you can help me since it was a mistake or some anger of “deuce12” player after I killed him several times.

Hey, you are still banned until next saturday. You have been banned for evading your current ban. Do not join our servers until the ban has expired.

And please use the first thread you created.

Ahh it’s true, my apologies bro, I started playing with friends and I told them I couldn’t but there are no people on the other servers and the Aloha ones are the good ones so I really wanted to play, really sorry :((

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