Banned for headshots apparently...

Well, hello.

I’ve been playing AoS for about two months now. Mostly played on aloha servers. Today I was kicked and banned for hacking/aimboting even though I have never done so. I am not the greatest player but I hold my own. Here are the details:
My nick is Snoopek (just as it is here).
The server was “ last team standing” although I am not 100% sure.
The map was Pinpoint 2.
The local time was about 10 am (GMT +1). Since I don’t know your time zone it was about 90 minutes before publishing this post.
It was just after I scored 4 or 5 headshots in a row. Believe it or not but I can do it sometimes.
There were 8-12 people on the server, the play was a little slow and I got no chance to defend myself.

The template says that I ought to write why I should be unbanned. Well, the ban is plainly wrong. I don’t hack, I never had and never will. I am too old for this shit. I just like to shoot square people in the head ;-).

To tell you the truth the ban is very flattering, it shows that I do something right ;-). Now, please, fix it so I can shoot your users some more :-D. Thanks.

EDIT: Two more things. One - I played on Blue team. Two - I have static IP address with no way of changing it. I don’t know if it helps but still…

Sounds like you got votekicked?

Maybe, but then it’s been over 4 hours and I am still banned. Votekicks are supposed to lat 30 minutes, right?

Sometimes the votekick ban time is changed. On Killawills server the VK ban time is 1 day.

But on aloha it is 30 minutes.

BTW, as far as I know, aloha doesn’t have Pinpoint2 on any of its servers.

Well, the ban is now lifted.

The ban was on all of aloha servers and I am 100% sure that it was on Pinpoint 2 so it had to be in rotation.

I hope that I won’t be banned again though.

Hob, there is a pinpoint2, on TDM for one,