Banned for griefing...except that I wasn't

I’m not sure how I can exactly prove that I wasn’t griefing, but I’ll plead my case anyways.

I was on LCTF pinpoint and had successfully acquired the intel. I was crusing back towards base when someone, sebastianarias, starts building bricks right in front of me as I run, presumably to prevent me from getting the intel to the base. I got a little frustrated, but had no problem outrunning him and successfully captured the intel. He was still standing there, so I jokingly shot him in the head. It did NOT kill him (unfortunately (jk)). So he starts a votekick against me for being a GRIEFER/KILLER (caps lock included), which ended up being successful. I’m not sure how it was successful, considering that I never griefed anything. Unless that is, removing a single block from a wall to make a sniper spot is griefing. If this is so, string me up and have me hanged! If not, this votekick was started as an act of petty annoyance that ended up getting me banned.

It should be noted that I have never, and will never grief or hack. I do all in my power to rid the AoS world of these scourges and would sincerely like to be unbanned from severs, which are indubitably my favorite to play on.

Thanks for reading!

Votekicks on aloha last 30 minutes.

Yeah, sorry, I forgot to read the READ THIS FIRST topic. My sincerest apologies. I was a little irritated.

Yea also whenever you do an actual ban appeal,Fill this in-

so… case closed