banned for clearing command station (mario_gedeo)

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked
–i was not votekicked and it happened 3 days ago–

#2) Please specify your ign

#3) Server you were playing on
– 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint–

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)

#5) Reason why you should be appealed
–i started playing the game and realized there was a structure under my teams command post, it was a proper structure witch I think was there before the command post was “respawned” on to it for a new game, never the less the structure made it extremely impractical for the players to reach the command post, so i decided to clear the area but to avoid being team-killed for doing the right thing i chose to used grenades, i realized one of the players didn’t want me to destroy the structure in question so i stopped and changed team so i wouldn’t have to deal with the impracticality, a few minutes later (wile in the opposite team) I team-killed a player who was clearly griefing (digging foundations) and i was immediately disabilitated from building and killing, I asked to be rehabilitated; first politely, and the response was to shut up because I apparently was a griefer, once explaining the situation didn’t solve the problem i was forced to be has rude has those who forbid me from playing for no reason and i was than permanently banned , i allways play 1ctf on aloha and i allways stop greafers and start votekicks, what i did was to make the game easyer for my teammates –

It would staff if you told what admin you were dealing with…

Also, how did you know your permabanned?


mario_gedeo, your ban took place on November 2nd 19:37 (USA Central time) and is for 7 days. An admin blocked you from building (I suppose because of griefing), and you circumvented that by rejoining the server.

Ok I don’t mind the 7 days, but the issue is weather I was or wasn’t actually griefing by clearing the command post, and how the first time I circumvented the building-blocking it was involuntarily by changing teams because I didn’t want to deal with the base being inaccessible, I think after that I also may have left and rejoined to see what would happen and that time I was still blocked from building, to be honest the fact that changing teams allowed me to build again is a problem of the server, I have been reading other appeals and I have seen admins stating that for example if a player uses a map-glitch he can not be considered guilty of cheating because the problem is of the map and not of the player who is simply using the map, than how can one assume that I changed team to bend the system, if I clearly changed teams for an acceptable reason and the system is already crocked by it self?

Changing teams does not remove a players togglebuild. Disconnecting and reconnecting does; that’s considered evasion, and is an offense worthy of a ban. If you were blocked from building after reconnecting to the server, then the admin who was observing you instantly blocked you from building again. As far as weather you were actually griefing or not, the admin who observed you decided that you were. The judgement of the admins here is generally trusted.

so not only the system is poorly designed and gives out such an elementary or even involuntary way to get around the rules, AND a player can so easily get in trouble for clearing the command post witch is an extremely important part of the game (at this point any griefer can build around it and get others kicked for trying to reach it) problem that was easily solved in the babel games by allowing players to clear the base with no consequences; it also comes out the admins don’t have to follow any just procedure or collection of evidence before issuing a ban (witch i suspect is the reason why the one who banned me didn’t show up like very often happens with those appeals). than it looks like i will have to film my gaming on your server from now on, and if i see any one brake any structure for any reason or any admin kicking someone for no acceptable reason i could only expect them to get immediately banned has soon has i report them, actually, besides this, would you know if i can become a guard on the server even-tho i received such arbitrary and poorly investigated accusation? or will i always be considered a dangerous member of the community from now on? assuming this server actually likes to have guards that take the responsibility honestly .

I really think ban appeals are being very very poorly made recently… is it just me or is this true?

Its true.
Just a thought, most likely not in this case, but what if you toggled someone, and they didn’t realize it, left because of lag, fixed it, and got on again. He wouldn’t realize what he was doing. OR has crappy internet, gets dc’ed, then gets back on and get banned.
Not applicable in this case, but do you take this into account?

I personally don’t enact any sort of ban unless they start griefing again.
Now this doesn’t apply to all admins, who may ban on first offense.

Not ALL True ;3. But mostly yes more bad reviews. Just fill out the app and be HONEST

@Reki: I use to do the same thing. But now I feel like I can tell who are really just there to break, versus those who could be given a second chance. It just depends on the situation, but a lot of the time I toggle then ban the second they try to grief again.

Also, 5 day bans for griefing. 14 days for evasion, or team killing.

I also agree with Reki, but evading when you are a hacker is different. It’s all about the preference of the admin.

Ban expired and is removed from banlist. Locked.