Banned because someone blamed me.

I got votekicked and banned because a player named sexylamp blamed me that he didn’t like the map?!?! >:(

Jan 28 21:22:18 <arena10_aloha> * Votekick for Swifty-veyron has ended. Swifty-veyron left during votekick
Jan 28 21:22:18 <arena10_aloha> * Swifty-veyron banned for 30 minutes: i blame you
Jan 28 21:22:18 <arena10_aloha> * Swifty-veyron (IP x.x.x.x) disconnected

You left during a votekick, which is an automatic 30-min ban. Since the reason is illegitimate, I went ahead and removed the ban for you. If anything regarding being banned occurs in the future, please use the proper ban appeal section.