Banned, asking for appeal.

  1. I have waited a few weeks just taking action now.

  2. My IGN changes a bit due a freecammer who seems to hate me (and its kinda fun :P) So I could have been Herculez333 Herculez33 or BJking69

  3. I was playing on aloha counterstrike maps

  4. I belive I was banned for hacks.

5)I know this severely lowers my chances but my friend installed hacks I just wanted to try them out once and delete them because I don’t know if he downloaded some malware with it.

  1. Im going for 2-3 moths ago though im not sure

So…you were playing around with suspected malware? I’m surprised that you knew how to inject this without any sort of guide. Something does not make sense here.

Edit: Seems that you were banned by me on two seperate occasions. The other ban occurred on the infiltration server where you were using turbo spade.