Bann Appeal PokerStar

#1) Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked.
If you fail to follow this step, I’ll personally extend your ban. ~Reki
I’m banned but i can join aloha servers!

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name).

#3) Server you were playing on when you got banned.
Note: we only deal with servers here.
I’m not sure because it was for 1-2 month, but i think thats was arena all maps.

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
Don’t lie, it severely decreases your chances. (Example 1 | Example 2)
I was banned because i hack 6 times before 1-2 month. An admin say that i was permanent bann so i was confused because i can join aloha serves. So i play forward and the admins said that I’m bann evader. But i was confused.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed:
I delete my hack since 3 weeks. I want to join TSB but i cant accept because i was banned on aloha and no ine belive me that i was confused! So i dont hack in the future and i only want to join TSB.

PS: I dont understand when u dont unbann me, but i want to exploid each chance to come in the clan .

#6) Date and time (approx).

Though I have nothing to do with your ban, the fact that you’ve aimbotted before at any time before and implicitly claim that our bans aren’t justified is worrisome.

You know I have a feeling that I was the one that banned you recently but I don’t know of this for a fact. If I was the one that banned you then let me get this straight when it comes to banning; I try to gather enough information before doing so, meaning I rarely ban anyone. If you are in fact the one I banned recently then it was because your “skill” was exaggerated by the way you conducted yourself around the server. Meaning= You snapped. Don’t snap in front of Nestoflo, never snap in front of Nestoflo. Good day to you.

P.S. If I was the one that banned you then I will remove the perma-ban and if you are caught by anyone (mainly trusted players) hacking again you will be perma’d no excuses accepted. Cheers. Also if anyone else claims this ban then forgot what I said.

{“ip”: “”, “reason”: “Aimbot [PCA]PokerSta 11:29:52 10/13/2012 CLR”}
{“ip”: “”, “reason”: “: [PSD]Piccabo perma aimbot 19/9 drb”}
{“ip”: “”, “reason”: “: piccabo aimbot 00:28:22 CST 09/21/2012 Danke”}

All him. There’re more too.

I know that your bans are justified.

Yes I’m also banned on Minit

IIRC, some bans from Minit are tied to Aloha or vice versa.

I can go on each server i think. They dont bann my IP Adress i think

Yes we do ban your ip.

You just keep dodging the bans.

Does this guy even know he’s ban evading? I know of a certain client (if an admin would like to know what it is, then PM me: I won’t announce it to everyone) which can change your static IP address. This client was meant to make running servers and buisnesses alot easier (e.g. no need to port forward). But people have exploited and even modified it (which I know is illegal) so it can be used for other purposes. I looked up the way that AoS bans are placed, and even using the unmodified client (which I forgot to mention was free) could be used to evade bans.

The AoS client bans a certain IP (and it looks like your house’s router’s IP would be the one). The program makes a sort of “router proxy” (I don’t know what it would actually be called) leaving you free to evade a ban, despite it never being designed for these purposes.

PokerStar could be using this client for some other reason, and not realise that every ban placed on him just flies over his head.
He’s purposely expoliting this client to ban evade.

If someone hasn’t tried yet, try banning him with a CIDR range ban, because that would normally include the client’s IP, thus making it impossible to play with the client enabled or disabled. (The IP for the client is still based on your original IP, just changed and morfed into a sort of ‘code’.)

Any more information will only be given away to admins I trust. If an admin wishes to know more, then PM me. I can send you a link to download the client, or you might even be using it yourself right at this very moment.


good luck getting proxies to work with AoS.

I never said it was a proxy, I said it acts similar to what a proxy would do. It changes your IP–like a proxy would–leaving you free to happily keep playing after a ban has been placed on you. It can’t be used to access blocked websites or other stuff like that, I just know that a friend of mine (won’t mention his/her name) was temp banned (1 day) from your servers for glitching in arena maps. Just for fun, she decided to try and get back on about an hour later: He successfully got back in. After realising she had ‘accidentally’ ban evaded, he quit the game, and waited for the day ban to expire. (She tested this by turning off the client and seeing if he could get in).

And so I don’t fill this ban appeal with more unuseful comments, anyone who wants to discuss with me about anything I’ve said can send me a PM or query me on IRC. Thanks. :wink:


facepalm to this whole thread

I dont know that i was permanent bann on aloha servers. When you dont unbann me its your decision, but i think everyone can have a second chance!

What you mean?

Hmmm I know you, I can beat you, is this calling me an aimbot or is this
a) A different Pokestar
b) You aimbotted and deserve punishment
c) None of the above =D

These comments don’t really contribute anything. Stop posting.
In any case, seeing as your IP stays banned and we have no reason to further pursue this, I’ll lock the topic.

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