(Bann Appeal) LEAD STORM

What is your in-game player name?: " LEAD STORM "

What server were you playing on when you got banned? I was playng babel, I am not certain how many babel servers aloha has and or witch one I was on

  1. Why were you banned? I guess I cheated, I used amod that made the wappons mutch bigger and could spot players behind obstructions, I removed all the mods long ago (after the ban)

  2. Why should you be unbanned? because I wont do it again… i know that sounds miser but this is the internet and my word is the best I can offer

  3. When were you banned? some time between 2 weeks and 1 month ago, I don’t remember exactly, actually if ts a temporary thing just tell me how long it is

Thank you for being honest when you appealed. Your ban will be lifted a week after the date of this post. Once you’rew unbanned, you can freely rejoin and play on aloha. But if you’re caught cheating again, there will be no second chances.