Ban this guy pls

Ok i had to start a thread because this person is EXTREMELY annoying. His name is made of ctrl commands so i cant say his name unless im chatting in-game. All he does is sit in his spawn and every time someone comes within view he snaps to them and guns them down. I have tried to record him but when i get my cam up and running and spectate he leaves the game, comes back and isn’t doing it anymore. i’ve failed to come up with evidence but he usually plays on the aloha arena top ten server. Whats so annoying is that he is so obvious but i can never get any evidence. pls hunt this guy down and dispose of this trash from your servers.

How was the name conctructed???Was it just squares??

his name consisted of lines that looked like underscores(couldnt count them) but smaller and 2 hearts.

Just found this on my bandicam list hope it helps to identify this guy. This vid is from when he would sit in his spawn but i couldn’t get any footage of his aimbot. the round after this was recorded he stopped standing in his spawn and started running around without aimbot.


Just type in

without doing any other code. It will automatically appear.


lol i’ve been trying to do that for like an hour, watching youtube vids on how to embed a vid. so thx man.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Well, to me, this video proves nothing but his name that you couldn’t spell…Spamming ^^

well as i described i never got any evidence. thats what frustrates me, all i put the video on for was so they would know his name.

although it was extremely obvious that he had aimbot, he just sat there and aimboted anyone who came to their spawn. his snapping was so obvious that i turned on my bandicam and went spectate but when i went spectate he allowed himslef to die and stopped aimbotting.

Well if you see the guy hacking again, just go to #aloha and report him on the irc. =D

i’ll do that thx.

One thing I do is keep the IRC open in the background so when I’m in a game I can quickly report them on the IRC

Yea idk why but i cant keep it open, must be my internet. I can stay on for like 5 mins but then it’ll disconnect me.

It could be you internet failing from time to time, it happened to me before. Either that or the admins are just kicking you for fun ^.^ jk.