ban in my User

Hello, I’m Fabio Santos, my nickname is bili in the game and was playing in 1ctf 24/7 pinpoint …
I was banned unfairly because he was playing networked with colleagues in the cafe when everyone fell and could not get more!
If some of your friends were really unfair, then I really know of, anyway, do not know all of the cafe! Now ban the people who were playing well, there is already slutty …
Whenever I enter this cafe to play, hopefully a solution!

Your buddy Cuervolicious was banned for seven days for taking the intel and dropping it at around the edge of the map, where no regular player would be able to retrieve it because of water damage.

Given that this was not a serious offense, but more of nuisance, I don’t want to keep an innocent player banned. If this is your preferred spot for Internet access, tell your friend that his actions in-game affect you also. If he is banned again, then unfortunately all of the cafe is banned.