Ban Appleal, I appologize if this is in the wrong place

Hi, my ingame name is Twilight Spark

Recently (About two hours ago) I was banned for trolling and racisim on a massive scale.

I appologize, greatly. I didn’t know AOS, or any of its servers had rules.

I ask please, just to let me be unbanned from “ Tug Of War”. I had no idea aos’s servers could have mods/admins ect.

I’m just a ten year old trying to act cool by ‘trolling’. Please give me another chance, and it will not be broken.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just couldn’t find ban appeal.

You shouldn’t be trolling and saying racist comments even if there weren’t any admins and rules. Especially if you are a ten year old. But i do believe you should have another chance. Just ONE chance.

So you came on here and admitted to being a racist douchebag with the excuse of being 10 and ask to be unbanned?

Are you banned-banned, or votekick-banned?

If the latter, it only lasts 30 minutes, so go back in game and try not to be a jerk this time around.
I doubt any admins here would actually issue a ban if you were just being racist/trolling…a mute seems more likely.

hi Twilight Spark,
I’m the one who banned you.
your response was the hell are you?
are you god?
gimme a ps3 dammit
im not listening to you god till you give me a ps3
its a nice map stupid jew
jews enjoy tickling their asshole
but the frogs dont
my response Twilight Spark banned for 1 day: spark racial slurs

Now we both know this was just a very small part of the conversation. I appreciate that you have admitted your guilt and i will lift the ban, but be warned that this type of behavior is not tolorated. The punishment could be more severe. Thank You.

Perm mute?

Thank you, and whoever said me being ten is an excuse, I really am.

And I didn’t realize you were an admin, either way it won’t happen again.

relieved to know it was a one day, thank you for giving me another chance.

As a brony, I would’ve given you something MUCH harsher for tarnishing our reputation.

Hey officer I shot a guy for the fun of it. But it’s ok because I’m 10 right?

It’s more like…Hi officer, I was being racist for the fun of it. But it’s ok since there’s no explicit laws against informal racism, and I’m too young to know to understand something known as “social norms”.

Don’t strawman.
I’m not saying it’s acceptable behavior or not reproachable, it’s just that I believe a certain level of racism and discrimination is going to happen, especially on the internet. It’s futile to stop it, and, most importantly, people in general aren’t too bothered by its presence on the internet. As such, I’ll diminish the negative impact that it has on the person’s rap sheet, and I will also tolerate it just as I have tolerate others’ racist or discriminating behavior on the internet.

I don’t see how, if aloha is so open about curses and risque/adult topics, racism/discrimination is met with zero-tolerance…

Did you shoot him In Reno by chance?


I couldn’t agree with this statement more, all forms of verbal insults should be tolerated until the point where it’s annoying (spam, blatantly disrespectful, or just plain belligerent). The idea of the internet is that nobody is “in charge.” There’s just lines that can be crossed in terms of respect on one’s website.

The psychotic onslaught of swearing, spam, disrespect, and racism brought forth by this ten year old earlier is just annoying. When I get killed, I might press all the keys on my keyboard in some violent rage frenzy like “oawiejfoawjef9jAQ23FWJ” (lol) every once in a while, but I can still also talk with people and have many good laughs with the players of the server I play.

I honestly think he shouldn’t have been unbanned before the 1-day period was up, it’s nice that he apologized; but he wouldn’t have apologized to just ANYONE saying “NO RACIAL SLURS WILL BE TOLORATED!!!” He apologized directly to BucketheaD simply because “[He] didn’t realize you were an admin,” That’s pretty pathetic.
He followed that statement with “either way it won’t happen again,” but it goes to show he has zero respect for his peers until an authoritative figure has to punish him for it.

Back to the point of what you were saying: Yes, all forms of verbal insolence should be tolerated until it’s spam or more than 1 or 2 players find it annoying. If enough people find it miserable enough, they can just call a votekick for it; if the vote goes through, he’s out. Even if an admin found it wrong, he could just call a votekick and see if enough people want the belligerent player gone.

I don’t see him on the blacklist… So he must be only banned in the servers. So just wait a day or two, and try joining the aloha servers again. Make this be a lesson to you…No trolling. :wink:

You shouldn’t troll and throw racist slurs even if there isn’t any admin on.

well said, Reki. well said also, Kibblez, but i can’t say that all forms of verbal insolence should always be tolerated until others say something. sometimes it’s important to stand up for those who don’t speak up for themselves. i like your suggestion about admins using votekick!