Ban Appeals

Ban appeal: zaqdude
I was “kicked” from two of the servers for being wrongly accused of hacking because i got one to many “head shots” I wasn’t hacking and i never will Im just asking to be unbaned from all servers

what 2 servers and your ign if its different from zaqdude votekicks are only 30 min anyhow

my ign is zaqdude and i think it was humans v. zombies and the counter-strike maps and it said i was kicked it wasn’t a votkick :frowning:
and when i tryed to play on antoher alohapk server it saif banned for all of them

It says you’re banned from all the aloha servers because if you get banned from one of them, you’re banned from all of them.

Yes i know im banned from all the servers i just dont know why

I see you are banned and it doesn’t state why. The admin who banned you will have to come forward and decide from there. And it was on zombies it just filtered to the other servers the second time.

ooh. okay thanks for the help :slight_smile:

When will I be able to play on you server again?

apparently never


That does not seem fair you think? The mod did not give any reason and you have to assume its a good reason? Unless you are not telling him something.

Hes been global banned and admitted to cheating, therefore he pays the price. He has already discussed the situation with global admins and refused to give them any information.
Case closed!

oh sorry :frowning: