Ban Appeal

Hi, ive been banned for a while now but i shrugged it off and just played other servers, but now since the recent turn of events i dont have much choice in servers anymore and would really appreciate full access to them.

I came from the Minit forums and said i might be banned on a shared banlist with Aloha.
Also, i dont remember what i did to get banned :confused: but i can assure you it must’ve been when i first started playing AoS back in beta .21 when i didn’t know what i was doing. But, im a matured AoS player and would hate to see this game die. Could you please appeal my ban?

Sorry, let me format it

Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked
I’ve been banned for a while now, probably a few months
Please specify your ign
LiveDrake (although i have used other user names cause i can get settled on one so the other 3 are Dzhoel, Doctor_Drake or subject_delta)
Server you were playing on when you got banned.
I dont remember, again, it was a while ago
Reason for ban (please be truthful)
Minit said it was for Ban evasion, although it at the time it could’ve been my laggy game lagging everybody out
Reason why you should be appealed
There isnt much choice in servers anymore and i would like to gain full access to them.
Date and time (approx)
Im sorry, i dont remember, i could be a couple monnths ago.

that IP is not banned on any aloha servers so if that’s the IP you play from aloha is not responsible for the ban. maybe you’re on the global ban list. in fact i’m sure you are if you can’t play on aloha because that’s the only external ban list we subscribe to.

Removed IP from OP.

Sorry for posting my IP, didnt realise how much info can be found out D:
How can i get my name removed from the global banlists?

You can appeal your ban (if it is infact a Global Ban) in the #aos.gbl channel


Chappy, stop scaring people with false information.

Let’s give an analogy. You won’t want to walk around the street and tell everyone your living address, now would you? You probably can’t garner much information from it, but it’s still a private thing.

Your IP address doesn’t tell too much, unless you’ve given it to a hacker. Basically, a robber/thief. However, robbers and thieves generally only target people worth burglarizing (otherwise why not just break into any random house on the street?). In parallel, unless you’re someone very important or have something very precious, hackers probably don’t care about your IP address because you’re not worth hacking into.

Furthermore, robbers and thieves probably have their own way of finding your living address anyways. Similarly, in the event that you’re targeted by hackers, I think there are more things to worry about than your IP address (such as, why are hackers targetting you).

Still, the point remains, it’s silly to give your address to random strangers, and likewise silly to post your IP address on a public forum.