Ban appeal

My brother was banned while playing on Aloha Pinpoint for an illegitimate reason (team killing a griefer). My brother and I share a computer banning us both from Aloha servers. I realize admins do make mistakes so if you could please un-ban us that would be great. Thank you

  1. Wait 20-30 mins in case you were votekicked.
    It said banned, even after waiting 2 hours

  2. Please specify your ign (in game name)
    Largif@Sw (mine is WindSpirit@Sw but it shouldn’t matter largif was banned not me)

  3. Server you were playing on when you got banned
    Aloha Pinpoint

  4. Reason for Ban (please be truthful)
    I watched Largif team kill a griefer then get banned (I think it was a DELTA member). If team killing griefers is indeed a ban-able offense then fine, but I thought stopping griefers was the whole point of team killing is it not?

  5. Reason why you should be appealed
    I feel the reason was illegitimate, and I would like to play on Aloha servers again.

  6. Date and time
    12/15/12 at around 12:25ish (I’m not positive)

If you guys could please get him un-banned or at least give an appropriate reason for the ban that would be great. Thank you for your time.

Hi, I was the one who did the ban. He wasn’t team killing griefers, he was team killing actual players trying to play the game. This includes myself. I had said a lot of times in chat to stop team killing people, he just didn’t listen.

The ban is for 5 days, but I do suppose I didn’t directly tell him to stop, so I’ll cut it down to 1 day. I did say in chat more than once to stop team killing people who were trying to improve the structure. What he was doing was walling in the whole thing so no one could shoot all, and I was trying to one make an exit/entrance, and two make a shooting area for myself.

I understand your argument. I know he has a bad habit of not looking at the chat often :stuck_out_tongue: Although i would suggest pm-ing or kicking first before banning someone. also please note you did say you were trying to make an exit/entrance aka griefing. thats probably what got you shot lol. Anyways Thank you for replying and cutting the ban down. :smiley:

I don’t think it’s griefing when I’m clearly not trying to bring down the whole structure and I even say in chat what I am doing.

griefing is destroying or harming a structure of some kind correct? you said yourself you were trying to make an entrance into a wall Largif made which was griefing. you also could have gone around the wall into the water. Please not if you were on a different server and an admin saw you destroying his wall you could have been banned as well. I thank you for limiting the ban down, but i do not agree with your reason for the ban.

I’m certain a proper admin would tell the difference between griefing and non-griefing. I wasn’t destroying or harming the structure, I was making it usable, better.

i could say the same about team killing someone who is destroying his wall. and i wouldn’t call drilling a hole in it “better” once again i appreciate the lesser ban, but would advice you as a fellow admin to take preliminary actions before banning. Thank you for your time.

Drilling a hole? Listen the whole point of that game mode is to get to the center and capture the intel. What you, or your brother, was doing was completely blocking off such access to the center. You can’t say “just go around” because you can’t, the water is an unsafe place. I acted hastily at doing the ban, but they weren’t just team killing me. It was other players, who were just trying to cap the intel to win the game.

oh i didn’t know aloha admins just banned anyone trying to protect their teammates from fire. guess trying to protect their teammates from fire is to much to ask. and the part about water being “unsafe” is bs, if anything the water is a heck of a lot safer than on the ground, that’s why its outlawed in duels. i mean come on be reasonable now

I didn’t ban for trying to protect their teammates. Not much protection when the team could just walk up and throw grenades in, but still.

Your ban appeal was dealt with, locking thread now. Sorry for the ban, I do admit I did drop the ban faster than I did, thus the reduction in the duration of it.

The progression of escalation here was a bit wtf.
Still, I think this is a good lesson for us all

  1. Always, and I mean always be 100% sure that someone is griefing before teamkilling them. Alas, I myself am guilty of killing teammates too hastily because I saw them whacking a crucial structure near the front.
  2. Remember that griefers tend to destroy walls or buildings by spading out the bottom layer. If someone’s knocking a few walls or making an archway, that’s probably not griefing.
  3. When modifying structures near the frontline, always consider if there’s a way to improve it by ADDING, rather than SUBTRACTING a layer. As an example, I like 2-high walls for wallpopping, but some people like 3-high walls for better cover and jump-shotting. Don’t knock down a 3-high wall…make a ledge/lip right behind it, to elevate yourself to 3-high!
  4. Bringing how safe the water into this argument is pretty much completely irrelevant.

This situation could’ve been handled better, but it’s good that we resolved the mistake that happened.